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Costa Rica harvests top quality coffee from November to March

A must-do cultural tour in Arenal Volcano

Enjoying delicious, fresh food is part of Costa Rican culture, especially when it is sitting around the table with family and friends.  It is a land of plenty where fresh fruit and vegetables can be picked off a tree as you walk by it or harvested from an organic garden. The rich, volcanic soils are...
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Adventure Travel Trends! Hacienda Guachipelin is the place to visit.

As the world moves forward, new trends appear, and travel is not exempt from this. Eager travelers are looking for new adventures and experiences, and the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has just released a new report on the top trending adventure travel activities. Guess where you enjoy a number of these recent trends? Hacienda...
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Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

Coasts, Clouds and Craters, a Costa Rican Enchanting Itinerary

You have decided to come to Costa Rica! The next question is where to go, and Enchanting Hotels would like to show you some great places to visit with a suggested itinerary for your travels through Costa Rica. With some beautiful boutique, sustainable hotels in the best destinations in Costa Rica, Enchanting Hotels will guide...
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5 Top Beaches in Papagayo Gulf

The Gulf of Papagayo is one of Costa Rica´s most beautiful stretches of the coastline of Guanacaste. Its calm waters are protected from the open sea by the world-renowned Peninsula of Papagayo, one of Costa Rica´s most important tourism magnets and developments. Dotted with beautiful beaches, impressive rock formations, and vegetation-laden headlands, the Gulf of...
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Where to go and what to do in Guanacaste! 

Guanacaste is on the Costa Rican Nicoya Peninsula, which is full of blues! Sunny blue skies, pristine blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, and one of the only 5 Blue Zones in the world.  On this famous Peninsula, you will find the northwestern province of Guanacaste.  Its coastline is filled with white-sand beaches, bays, islands,...
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5 One-day tours from Hotel Don Ernesto

When you think of Costa Rica, you may imagine the beautiful tropical beaches, the rainforests, and the wild animals roaming around or hanging from the trees. That is true, but Costa Rica is also home to the Central Valley, which is full of treasures too! Surrounded by volcanic mountains and home to the capital city...
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Volcano Travel is safe and reliable to get you from A to B.

When mapping out your travels and exploration of an unknown destination and country, the thought of getting behind the wheel of a car and driving can be a challenge. So, to find a company that can take charge of the traffic signs, signals, and best routes in a country where English isn´t the language of...
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Hotel Don Ernesto is Costa Rican authenticity with a twist!

When deciding where to go and what to visit when designing your vacations or getaway, it is always fun to see what´s new.  Costa Rica is a dynamic destination with lots of innovative concepts and new experiences for eager travelers, and Enchanting Hotels has one for you! Hotel Don Ernest is located in the urban...
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Fill your days with adventure under the tropical sun in Guanacaste

Costa Rica´s favorite Golden Coast of Guanacaste is a beach-lovers dream destination. During your stay and exploration of this beautiful northern province of Costa Rica, enjoy endless numbers of white-sand beaches, refreshing swims in the turquoise-colored waters, friendly Costa Rican hospitality, and an impressive variety of boutique and global hotel-chain resorts.  Whether you explore it...
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Close-to-nature Wellness in Guachipelin

Enchanting Hotel Collection, Hacienda Guachipelin is located on the forest-laden slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano. This beautiful, Hacienda-style hotel with all the comforts of a modern getaway is world famous for its Adventure Center that takes adrenaline to a new level, but it also is a sanctuary for wellness. Surrounded by lush...
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What does an Enchanting Hotel´s Whale Season look like?

Costa Rica is always a happy place to be. So much so that it always scores well on the World Happiness Report. While happiness is part of the Costa Rican “Pura Vida” philosophy of living a happy, relaxed life each year, particular highlights bring additional shine to the smiles. You see, from July through to...
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How to connect with nature at Nicuesa Lodge

There are lots of places in the world immersed in nature and Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in beautiful Costa Rica is a stellar example of one. This little corner of the world is a place of nature, wellness, and incredible adventures.  Nicuesa is ideally located in one of the most bio-diverse places in the whole world...
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Enchanting Experiences. Welcome to adventure, Costa Rican style!

  The Enchanting Costa Rica Group is a collection of companies that lead the market in their different specialties. From Enchanting Hotels to Enchanting Experiences to Profimercadeo, the group is a one-stop shop for hotels, tours, and marketing services led by one of Costa Rica’s most knowledgeable and savvy tourism specialists, Daniel Chavarria Camacho. Just...
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nature vacations in costa rica

Why visit Hacienda Guachipelín during the Green Season!

Why visit Hotel Hacienda Guachipelín during the Green Season? There are lots of great and adventurous reasons to do so. With the afternoon tropical showers, additional thrills, colors, and adventures make it an excellent time to visit. Unlike the coastal regions that retain their beautiful blues and whites, the mountains bring new sights, sounds, and...
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Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is perfect to buy out for your social bubble!

Travel may have changed for many eager tourists who prefer to fly away and stay in special places with their family or social bubble that can please all ages and activity demands.  Here is a beautiful solution!  Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in magnificent Costa Rica is tucked away in nature but with all the comforts and...
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Waterfall at Rincon de la Vieja National Park, photo credit afortuna2cr.

5 Reasons to visit Costa Rica during the Green Season

In Costa Rica, if a color of the rainbow overwhelmingly stands out, it is green in all hues and densities. Therefore, there is a whole season named in its honor. The green season in Costa Rica is beautiful and full of opportunities to enjoy the best of this small, diverse, tropical country. Enchanting Hotels invites...
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Papagayo Golden Palms has joined the Enchanting Hotels Collection!

Enchanting Hotels is our exclusive collection of luxury hotels in Costa Rica.  Our award-winning boutique hotels are located in the most beautiful and diverse corners where guests live the exceptional and memorable experiences that Costa Rica offers. Each of the 14 sustainable luxury hotels is dedicated to ensuring the utmost comfort and inspiration for their...
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Enchanting Hotels welcomes Hotel Don Ernesto to its collection!

Enchanting Hotels enjoys welcoming new members to its collection and the month of March is a happy time of the year for that reason alone. Not only is it the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere and the beginning of new life for flora and fauna, but it is also the beginning of a...
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The Enchanting Hotels Collection! Beautiful, best and boutique! Part 2

Our journey around Costa Rica visiting the Enchanting Hotel Collection in the most beautiful corners of this small, yet diverse favorite destination for so many continues in this 2-part article. Today´s trip includes visits to the South Pacific Ocean coast, the adventure-rich Northern Lowlands, and the white-sand coast of Guanacaste. The Enchanting Hotels Collection! Beautiful,...
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The Enchanting Hotels Collection! Beautiful, best and boutique! Part 1

Enchanting is the perfect description of the Enchanting Hotels Collection of boutique properties in the most beautiful places of Costa Rica. This carefully hand-picked assemble of independently owned, sustainable, boutique hotels in the four corners and in between of stunning Costa Rica represent the very best of this diverse country. What more can we say....
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Let´s discover 5 fabulous tours around the Arenal Volcano.

Voted as the adventure capital of the world for experiences, the Northern Lowlands of Costa Rica is famous for its “sleepy giant”, the Arenal Volcano. Despite it being maybe the most iconic landmark of Costa Rica, this region has lots to offer that complement the relaxing thermal springs that are the perfect end to a...
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The serenity of Costa Rica´s South Pacific Ocean Coast

Costa Rica is the epitome of diversity in many ways. Not only can you visit cloud forests in the sky, peer down into a live volcano´s crater, but you can also delve into a little pocket of the world that is said to be home to around 5% of the world´s biodiversity. It is also...
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5 Delicious Costa Rican Christmas Food Traditions

If there is one thing the Costa Ricans like, it is food! It is no wonder that at Christmas time, some of the most important traditions come alive to be enjoyed around the tables of families and friends. While food and dining are important throughout the year, the end-of-year festivities are especially delicious with 5...
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5 Fabulous Volcanoes in Costa Rica!

Costa Rica is a favorite destination for many reasons and continues to have a “Welcome to Costa Rica” borders policy since reopening its doors in August 2020. With its incredible beaches, rainforests galore, impressive mountain ranges, and diversity of wild and plant life, why not add some live volcanoes into the mix? All this in...
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