Enchanting Hotels is a collection of 14 hotels around the beautiful country of Costa Rica. This is the third and last of our Enchanting Itineraries that visit the best locations of Costa Rica, what you will experience, and the recommendations of hotels where you should stay. In the last month’s Costa Rican Enchanting Itinerary, we visited Guanacaste, Caño Negro, Puerto Viejo, and the Central Valley for a whirlwind of a journey from coast to coast. So let’s see where the 3rd Enchanting Itinerary of Costa Rican Contasts will take us.

This month’s Enchanting Itinerary is a potpourri of Costa Rican experiences that will take us from the Gold Coast of Guanacaste, the Amazon of Costa Rica, the southern Pacific coast, and a visit to the Central Valley. This itinerary is diverse and will show you the contrasts of Costa Rica at its best. From the beautiful beaches of Guanacaste to the rainforest-laden mountainous coastline of the southern Pacific where the humpback whales roam, ride through the Caribbean water canals that wind through the rainforest, and then go back in time on the slopes of the Central Valley.

Our Enchanting Beautiful Contrasts Itinerary includes a collection of beautiful hotels focused on fabulous views, unique experiences, and luxury-in-nature stays. Whether overlooking the Pacific Ocean or an Amazon-like water canal, your visit will be unforgettable. In addition, you will be part of the Enchanting Hotel sustainability philosophy that each hotel embraces with care and love.

A beach-perfect dream destination in Costa Rica

First Stop: Southern Guanacaste

What a way to start your travels through Costa Rica than with a bang! Guanacaste is Costa Rica’s northwestern province that sits on the Nicoya Peninsula. This beautiful part of the country is cowboy country thanks to its vast plains that are perfect for cattle ranches. It is also easily reachable through the Guanacaste International Airport, servicing the region with daily and seasonal flights from major airlines.

Our recommendation for your first night’s stay in Costa Rica is at Nammbu Beachfront Bungalows at Playa Carrillo. This beautiful, Enchanting Hotel is a perfect welcome to Costa Rica. Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy your first Costa Rican sunset from Nammbu. It is spectacular thanks to its privileged location on the headland, with uninterrupted views of the ocean and the citrus-orange sunset skies.

Playa Carrillo is a quieter beach than its more famous Playa Samara neighbor. Calm waters create a pool-like experience if you can pull yourself away from the Nammbu pool, a favorite with everyone. Sit back and enjoy the Guanacaste blue skies and warm weather. Welcome to Enchantings Costa Rica!

Cristal Ballena Resort & Spa. Big pool and spectacular views

Second Stop: South Pacific

This Enchanting Itinerary of Contrasts takes you to its second stop. While still on the stunning Pacific Ocean coastline, the southern section is very different from its northern section. Here, the rainforest-laden mountains sweep into the ocean. It is green, very green.

Perched on top of a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean is the Enchanting Hotel of Cristal Ballena. This is the ultimate sunset viewing spot, so sit back and enjoy it. This beautiful hotel sits above the famous Marino Ballena National Park and Uvita Beach, which welcomes Humpback Whales every year as they breed, give birth, and nurture their calves from the Arctic and Antarctica. This is a favorite time of the year, and Cristal Ballena has front-row seats.

The south Pacific of Costa Rica is also home to the Osa Peninsula and Corcovado National Park, a favorite for animal lovers and hikers. National Geographic loves it, too, calling it possibly the most intense bio-diverse place in the world!

Pool time at Don Ernesto

Third Stop: Central Valley

We will make a stop in Costa Rica’s Central Valley for some city living during our third stop in beautiful Costa Rica. This is where all the action is and where the four major cities converge, including the nation’s capital, San Jose. It also is a great stop to visit live volcanoes and coffee plantations, do some white water rafting, or feel the city vibe.

The cultural and historical hub of Costa Rica, where you can explore museums, and the National Theater, dine out at the best restaurants and stay at the Enchanting Hotel’s Don Ernesto Hotel on the city’s western fringe. Located on the lower slopes of the Talamanca Mountain Range with views of the Central Valley and immersed in a working coffee plantation, Hotel Don Ernesto is a treasure.

Relaxation and Adventure in one place

Fourth Stop: Tortuguero

After some city vibes, it’s time to return to nature, but this stop is on the Caribbean coast. Tortuguero is located on the northern Caribbean coastline and is only accessible by boat or plane. Either way ensures beautiful views of the rainforest and the water canals that wind through it. This is where the journey is as incredible as the destination.

Amazon-like in its landscape, Tortuguero is an animal sanctuary with yearly arrivals of four species of sea turtles and home to the elusive Manatees. Manatus Hotel is our recommendation for the Enchanting Contrasts Itinerary. Hop into a boat or a kayak, explore the canals full of wildlife spotting, and enjoy the peaceful ebb and flow of the water and the swaying trees that embrace its banks before returning to the comfort of Manatus.

Beautiful rooms on a Hermosa Beach

Last Stop: Northern Guanacaste

This itinerary differs from the first two as it ends in the same place where it started taking advantage of the international airport. Our last stop is back to Guanacaste but this time at the beautiful beach, appropriately named Playa Hermosa, which translates to….yes…beautiful! Just 20 minutes from the airport, spend your last few days relaxing on this scenic beach in the Gulf of Papagayo.

We recommend staying at the Hotel Bosque del Mar, which sits right on the beach. This beautiful boutique hotel is close to many Guanacaste favorite experiences, including the famous beach town of Playas del Coco, the Papagayo Peninsula, and lots of water sports. Also, don’t forget to dine at the hotel’s Niromi Restaurant, a favorite dining experience in Guanacaste.

Our Enchanting Costa Rican Contrasts Itinerary has ended, but not without exploring the diversity of Costa Rica and all the exciting destinations it has to offer. Travel from coast to coast, visit cities, and relax on the best beaches of Costa Rica with Enchanting Hotels. So, which is your favorite Costa Rican contrast? See you in this beautiful place on earth.

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