Hotel Don Ernesto is Costa Rican authenticity with a twist!


When deciding where to go and what to visit when designing your vacations or getaway, it is always fun to see what´s new.  Costa Rica is a dynamic destination with lots of innovative concepts and new experiences for eager travelers, and Enchanting Hotels has one for you! Hotel Don Ernest is located in the urban hub, but it comes with a twist as it has rural written all over it, making the experience more exciting and inviting. It is a fabulous way of experiencing the authenticity of Costa Rica with all the modern comforts and ideal location. , Hotel Don Ernesto brings you the real Costa Rica.

This hotel sits on the base of the Escazu Mountains, the most northern section of the Talamanca Mountain Range that extends to the southern Costa Rica border. While it is also home to Mount Chirripo, Costa Rica´s highest peak, an impressive 12.228 feet, Hotel Don Ernesto is easily reached and just minutes from the bustling and trendy Santa Ana.

Its proximity to San Jose´s most up-and-coming western urban, commercial, and corporate hub means that while the hotel is nestled into the peace of a working coffee plantation, it is within arm’s reach of restaurants, bars, shopping centers, and office complexes. The best of both Costa Rican worlds.

Hotel Don Ernesto is the culmination of a dream come true by its owner after years of collecting antiques and converting what was once a language school into a new experience for visitors. With a clear focus on bringing Costa Rican tradition back to life with the use of colors, textures, and designs on the inside connecting with a collection of native trees immersed in tropical gardens on the outside.

So, during your stay at Hotel Don Ernesto, the now beautiful, decorated, free-standing suites that were once classrooms were created with incredibly talented attention to detail to retain old-school Costa Rica with the modern comforts of the 21st century. So, sit back and sip on that rich coffee, enjoy the aromas of the plants and fruit trees and enjoy the sounds of the farm.

If you leave the comforts and seclusion of your suite, Hotel Don Ernesto has some wonderful communal spaces that should be equally enjoyed during your stay. Let´s see 5 of these experiences.

Relax, refresh, renew
  1.   Spa

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa in the expert hands of the Hotel Don Ernest Spa specialists. Choose from various beautiful treatments ranging from massages to facials that will rejuvenate and revitalize mind, body, and soul.

A spa works perfectly into your day of adventure in Costa Rica, whether you are exploring a volcano or the shopping malls. Choose from a relaxing, sport deep tissue massage to ease those weary muscles.

If your day is relaxed-focus, which Hotel Don Ernesto is perfect for doing, the Spa is just steps from the sun-kissed pool, yoga deck, the gardens, or your suite. The only decision is in which order to enjoy each unique space.

  1.   Pool

The pool could be the favorite resting and relaxing space at Hotel Don Ernesto. It is beautifully located overlooking the forest and with spectacular views of the mountainside and Central Valley in the distance.  It is also very welcoming, so jump in and have a swim!

Santa Ana weather is warm throughout the year, so we recommend you enjoy the pool in the morning while the sun is still rising. For the sun-worshippers, it is perfect to get some well-earned Vitamin C y D, read a book, have a drink, or just listen to the sounds of the forest that embraces the pool and the hotel.

Fantastic walk and photo-ops at La Chimba
  1.   La Chimba

Hotel Don Ernesto belongs to Hacienda La Chimba, one of the Central Valley´s most visited spots, especially for Instagram moments.  La Chimba is a variety of outdoor activities that invite you to enjoy the Santa Ana sun and the forest. Whether you are walking the trails, flying through the forest canopy, taking the coffee tour, or testing your skills on the high ropes, there is some fun for everyone.

Hacienda La Chimba´s Trail through the coffee plantation is maybe its most famous close-to-nature activity. A 4.5km walk has a series of photo-op stops along the trail that have become a trend on social media. Stop at the Buddha statue, the butterfly wings, the Costa Rica sign, and the impressive open hand that stretches out into the sky for a rest and a photo.

At the end of this enjoyable walk, you will find La Burra Restaurant to quench your thirst or recharge with a hearty meal.  It is just down the hill from Hotel Don Ernesto and a perfect way to spend the morning, afternoon or why not the whole day!?

Pool time at Don Ernesto
  1.   Organize an event

Hotel Don Ernesto is a fantastic place for a special event, whether a wedding or a birthday celebration.  With many scenic and spacious spaces and its proximity to San Jose and the other major cities in the Central Valley, this could be the place for your next event.

With an experienced event coordinator team on-site, you and your event will be in expert hands for all types of celebrations. The event team is backed by the creative F&B staff that will design the menu for your celebration to complement the beautiful scenery, buildings, and gardens that are the backdrop to your special day.

  1.   Have a meeting

Hotel Don Ernesto has some unique places for an executive or corporate meeting that brings new meaning to “having a meeting.”  Immersed in history, The Dark Room is fully equipped with high-speed WiFi and an HD projector to complement the meeting and your technological requirements.

Your meeting can be catered for too! Whether you need a permanent coffee-break stand, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, the Hotel Don Ernesto´s Fratello Blue Restaurant is not far away to prepare them.  For international or out-of-province guests, you can include accommodation in the package.

Hotel Don Ernesto, a member of the Enchanting Hotels Collection has a space for everyone. Its beautiful design and attention to detail are exquisite—delight in the details, the closeness to nature, and the authenticity of Costa Rica. See you soon!


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