The Humpback Whales have arrived! Best place to see them in Costa Rica.


Let’s be honest here.  For nature lovers alike, the opportunity to see Humpback whales up close is an amazing experience and they have arrived!!   Their sheer size and gracefulness as they move through the warm, protected waters along the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is a sight to see.   Whale Watching in Costa Rica is a must and Cristal Ballena Boutique & Spa Hotel is the best place to stay when you do.

This is the perfect balance between adventure and relaxation.

The great news is that the humpback whales have arrived at the sheltered waters of the very appropriately named, Whale Bay or Bahia Ballena in Spanish and they play and swim around until October before heading south again.   The tour to see these beauties is awesome!

These gentle giants of the sea travel long distances to reach the warm, tropical waters of Costa Rica and it is on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica where they come to have their babies and spend the following months showing them to the ropes to being a whale.  These are Costa Rican honorary citizens and in return, we are given the opportunity to observe them from a distance but in absolute awe.

The tour to see these beauties is awesome

Marino Ballena National Park is a haven for these gentle giants

Whale Bay is part of the Marino Ballena National Park which is a sanctuary for a diversity of marine wildlife which is characteristic of beautiful Costa Rica.  So, when you come and visit, chances are you will also see playful dolphins, birds galore and even Olive Ridley and hawksbill sea turtles that nest and lay eggs on the beaches.   The humpback whales have made this haven their nursery for a good reason.

The Whale Watching season is a popular time of the year for this part of the country and they even hold a festival to celebrate the opportunity to be in the company of these majestic mammals and their babies.  This is a community affair that organizes a well-run operation with local guides, boats, and captains which makes it all the better.  This fun festival is usually in September or October. 

The whales chose this protected little bay to have their calves because nature works in wondrous ways. Not only does the area provide the perfect conditions for them, but the National Park also boasts a sandbank and rock formation in the shape of a whale’s tail to accompany them.   This kilometer-long walk along the narrow stretch of sand to the rocks is a great opportunity to see some of the coastlines and have a swim. Coincidence or nature’s way?

The National Park, its beach and the famous Whale Tail can be seen from the Cristal Ballena Hotel which sits on the rainforest laden hills that hug the South Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. This four-star hotel offers spectacular ocean views and sunsets that will take your breath away.  The hotel can assist you with tours of the area including Whale Watching that is a must on your travel goals list.

Ballena National Marine Park
Marino Baellan National Park also boasts a sandbank and rock formation in the shape of a whale’s tail to accompany them

Cristal Ballena Hotel is the balance between adventure and relaxation

Cristal Ballena Hotel not only offers unforgettable views and sunsets, but the poolside restaurant and the Cristal Spa also offer culinary and wellness experiences.  Lying by the pool delighting on the coast below and the mountains above also is relaxation at its best. 

For those nature lovers, the Whale Watching Tours run daily and last up to 4 hours which is just enough time to see whales as they come up to the water´s surface for air, to have a jump into the air, flap their enormous fins and accompany their curious calves.  The thrill of looking and inevitably spotting these magnificent animals is exhilarating and keeps you in awe for the whole time.

The tours leave from Playa Uvita, one of the 4 beaches that make up the National Park.  This is the beach you go to when the Whale Tail walk is on the to-do list. It is long and wide at low tide and a great beach for swimming. Not only are the beaches beautiful and you can spot lots of wildlife, but it is also home to the largest coral reef on the Pacific Ocean coast of Central America.    

Whale watching is an unforgettable experience. To be witness to these gentle giants of the sea nurturing their young, feeding and playing in the protected waters of the National Park with such grace and agility despite their size, is unique. 

Back at Cristal Ballena Boutique Hotel after your adventure at sea whale spotting, you are free to relax on your private balcony taking in the gorgeous ocean views or take a stroll around the tropical gardens.  The hotel boasts rooms for couples and families so there is a beautifully decorated room for everyone. Did I mention the amazing views?

 They say in September and October you have the best chance of seeing whales during the whale watching tour in Marino Ballena, Uvita.  While this may be true, a stay at the Cristal Ballena Hotel is perfect at any time of the year. They look forward to hearing from you about your vacation dates. 


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