The Luxury retreat with a view. La Toscana D’Atenas experience..

Nestled into a coffee plantation covered mountainside, La Toscana D’Atenas, offers the best of both worlds.  A spectacular villa that is just a short drive to the bustling city of San José and the countries main cultural and commercial center but far enough away to enjoy breathtaking views over the Central Valley, this is a unique Costa Rican boutique hotel at its best.  This is the La Toscana D’Atenas experience;  a luxury retreat with a view and what a view it is. 

The quaint town of Atenas thrived along what was once the fastest route between the Central Valley and the Central Pacific Coast. Nowadays, it is just a short detour from the new, main highway and it as simple as taking a left turn to San Jose or a right turn to the beautiful beaches on the Central Pacific Coast.  As easy as that…

As you enter the Central Valley from the air or the land, the majestic mountains that hug either side always stand out.  The rich soil, volcanic range on the northern side and the steep, impressive Talamanca Range that runs down the middle of the country to the south, frame this bustling convergence of the four largest cities in the country.   Both sides offer spectacular views of the Pacific, the Atlantic and the urban and commercial epicenter of San Jose and its surrounds.   

Thanks to the higher altitudes, the Central Valley dwellers enjoy year-round spring-like temperatures that are perfect for outdoor living and enjoying all the diversity of the vegetation and greenery that abound in beautiful Costa Rica.  

The Central Valley is the country`s main hub where the majority of Costa Ricans live.  The urban landscape has undergone a growth burst over the last fifteen years and it is now dotted with high rise living in buildings and on the sides of these beautiful mountains.

As you move further up the slopes and away from the rush, the pace of life is slower. This means you enjoy the breeze and the amazing birds-eye views that the mountains boast.  Over the years, many people have made their homes or created getaways in the small towns that dot the mountainsides transforming them into close-knit communities. Each town offers its touch of Costa Rican traditions, culture and creativity,  making each one unique in their way.

And this brings us to beautiful Atenas and the amazing La Toscana D’Atenas

An infinity pool with spectacular views of the valley below and the endless blue sky

This small town boasts a population of about 5000 and thanks to its privileged location, spectacular climate, and friendly community, many expats have made it their homes.  When you can live in a place that has an average, the daily temperature that ranges from 72 to 85 F during the day and 60 to 68 F in the evening, it is of no surprise that it is a favorite for retirees and vacationers.

It is of no surprise that National Geographic decided that Atenas is one of the best places to live on earth thanks to its amazing climate…Imagine a relaxing vacation in this mountain paradise?

And what is better than enjoying this outstanding climate, amazing views, and exceptional amenities than in the luxury of an exquisitely designed villa. Whether you are lounging by the infinity pool with its stunning panoramic view, balancing your day on the yoga deck or admiring the wonderful art gallery, La Toscana D’Atenas, has carefully thought through every space on the property to ensure that your experience is sensorial.

Bursts of colors of contemporary artwork fill La Toscana D’Atenas


With just a handful of delicately decorated, terraced guest rooms, La Toscana D’Atenas is the perfect place for an intimate getaway to relax in luxury and sophistication.  A gourmet breakfast is included and you decide where you would like to savor its freshness and flavor. 

The rest of the day, guests can enjoy La Toscana D’Atenas and its beauty, explore the surroundings, admire the spectacular views or just lie back and breath it all in.  The property is full of bursts of colors of contemporary artwork that is hung for your appreciation and critique. This art gallery is just one of the many eye-catching design aspects of your home away from home. 

Much detail has gone into creating truly unique spaces within the property to cater to all guests.  La Toscana D’Atenas is set on a five-acre property and is home to or a stop-off for birds and wildlife. The main house has bird watching decks for the best views of the wide variety of winged friends that inhabit this privileged corner of the world. 

It also has a petting zoo with farm animals including ponies and chickens that guests are welcome to visit.  This is a fun break from the pool and is perfect for animal lovers. Toscana D’Atenas has thought of everyone! 

Toscana D’Atenas is a unique proposal for lovers of art, relaxation, music, and creators of special moments.  This is a place to immerse yourself into the peacefulness of a luxury getaway where the views are breathtaking and the wine is spectacular.  Despite its proximity to the city, Toscana D’Atenas delights you in the pleasure of luxurious country living. 

La Toscana D’Atenas would like to be part of your Costa Rican experience! Its owners and staff look forward to assisting you with your vacation dates.   You can also book online!



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