Zip lining tour in the Cloud Rainforest at Monteverde

Canopy tour at El Establo Hotel in Monteverde Costa Rica

Nestled up in the highlands overlooking the Gulf of Nicoya on the Pacific Coast, you will find a verdant gem in the form of a quaint, alternative living town in what is best known as Monteverde.  Here, you can fly through the forest canopy on a zip lining tour in the Cloud Rainforest and El Establo Mountain Hotel has one on property.

Flying through the forest canopy is exhilarating and gives you a whole new perspective on living the close to nature experience.

Monteverde is one of Costa Rica’s little treasures and never ceases to impress with its diverse wildlife, gorgeous boutique hotels and great eateries to entertain you while you are here.  Sustainable tourism is part of the town’s philosophy and this is a community effort that comes from the heart and is in line with the town’s beginnings.

Monteverde was founded by a group of Quakers, pacifists and conscientious objectors in the early 50s escaping the Korean War.  They decided to set up camp in Monteverde thanks to its cooler climate and fertile soils that offered the perfect combination to begin dairy farming.  They also became protectors of the surrounding areas much of which later became the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

A place founded on the cornerstones of peace and conservation is bound to become a special place and Monteverde certainly impresses. If you love amazing views of the lowlands below, hiking through rainforests, dabbling in adventure or just in quiet contemplation of this mountain top haven. Time takes on a different rhythm in Monteverde.

El Establo Mountain Hotel in Monteverde Costa Rica
All of the rooms at El Establo Mountain Hotel offer the best view of the Gulf and its islands

El Establo Mountain Resort is located on the high side of the road that winds around the mountainside. It is just past the small town of Santa Elena and all its rooms offer the best view of the Gulf and its islands.  This in itself is luxury but it also boasts its own ziplining tour which gives you an idea of the size of the property and the possibilities it offers to its guests and customers. It is also a clue to the views you will have as you whip through the treetops.

The course is a connection of fun activities to keep you entertained. It has a series of zip lines, the superman cable, a couple of hanging bridges and to finish off the adrenaline rush with the bird’s eye views of the coast, the Cloud Rainforest and the surrounding hillsides, a Tarzan swing to bring you back to reality when your feet hit the ground. 

So, what puts the Tree Top Canopy Tour at El Establo Hotel on a higher level to so many other zip lining tours?  Because it is on the hotel property, it gives you flexibility with tour times and it is just up the road from your room.  And, did I mention the spectacular views you have too?

If fast isn’t for you, the night hike to witness how the rainforest comes to life after dark is definitely the way to go. Seeing all sorts of animals up close is just as exciting as flying through the forest canopy for those of us that prefer to have our feet firmly on the ground.

Many animals that call the rainforest home, are nocturnal so the awake at dusk and this is when your tour begins to ensure the greatest number of them can be observed and enjoyed.   So be prepared to see frogs, bats, birds, spiders, snakes, and some armadillos, opossums or sloths. Many of these night dwellers love to sing so the symphony of sounds adds to the thrill of finding such richness in the diversity of flora and fauna the Cloud Rainforest gives us.

In easy terms, a Cloud Rainforest is a rainforest but at higher elevations.

What are Cloud Rainforests

In easy terms, a Cloud Rainforest is a rainforest but at higher elevations.  This means that Cloud Rainforests tend to be cooler which making them misty which gives this beautiful forest its name as you really feel you are walking in a cloud.

Thanks to this, the Cloud Rainforest is more humid than a rainforest that is closer to sea level. Not a lot of sunlight gets through the forest canopy to the floor.  This unique environment is the home to amazing biodiversity that makes visiting Monteverde so special.  

Monteverde is a place for nature lovers without a doubt.  A visit to this little mountaintop sanctuary is an experience unlike any other.  It is a very special place for bird watchers too and is home to over 500 species.  It is inevitable not to fall in love with them especially when you can see the beautiful Quetzal or the colorful Toucan up close.

Thanks to these peaceful and visionary people, Monteverde is one of Costa Rica’s most visited places and it is well worth the ride up the mountain.  El Establo Hotel decided to embrace its beauty and give visitors the opportunity to live the Cloud Rainforest from above or with your feet firmly on the forest floor.  

Monteverde awaits your visit and El Establo can help you decide on the best dates to come.  Remember to bring binoculars, hiking boots, and waterproof gear when you come; they are part of the Monteverde experience! See you soon…

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