Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel at Puerto Viejo is turning 10; a festivity of flavors


A melting pot of cultures in the laid back town of Puerto Viejo, where the jungle meets the sea and the tree branches dance with the waves like whimsical lovers.  The upscale, Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel sways to the beat of this world-renowned corner of Costa Rica where the focus is on serenity and nature.

Puerto Viejo is a small surfing town on the far southern Caribbean Coast, and is a true little piece of Afro-Caribbean paradise……amazing, secluded beaches with pristine water, close to nature experiences, unforgettable culinary experiences and a diversity of fun and cultural activities to choose from.

This unique little town was born from a mixture of Afro-Caribbean, local indigenous peoples, Costa Rican, and ex-pat cultures which translate into a diversity of colors, flavors, and experiences in just one place. Add some hippyish, surfish spice to the mix and it becomes even more ambrosial.

Sugar and Spice: The place to stay

 Le Cameleon Boutique hotel pays tribute to the wonderful Chameleon and its color-changing capacities and blending into its surrounds silently but with amazing ease.  The hotel is beautifully immersed into the vibrant tropical forest and offers serenity and luxury. Their slogan of “every day is a new day”, is representative of the sense of daily renewal you will feel during your stay.

 This modern boutique hotel and its beautifully achieved concept is located in front of Playa Cocles, just south of Puerto Viejo and is your place if you are looking for an upscale vacation and a journey through the senses.  The hotel boasts a private beach club on one of the best beaches in Costa Rica, yoga classes, a jungle spa, a refreshing pool, an amazing restaurant, the rooms are divine and come with a stylish twist…

The hotel is beautifully immersed into the vibrant tropical forest and offers serenity and luxury

Chile & Coconut: A foodie’s paradise; a fusion of flavors, colors, and cultural footprints……

 The diversity of cultures translates into a fusion of flavors and dining experiences.  Puerto Viejo has a great variety of local and international eating spots to choose from which makes for a foodie’s paradise. Fresh seafood, the local coconut infused “rice & beans”, a Thai curry or just chilling out sipping on a refreshing, colorful drink doing some people watching. You can easily walk around the beachside town dotted with its distinctive pretty, pastel-colored wooden structures and decide.

 We must pay tribute to the Indian and Chinese immigrants who incorporated exotic and potent spices like ginger and curry into the local dishes giving them that special touch.

Don´t be surprised to find lots of peppers, garlic, cilantro in the main dishes and cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla or cloves for the delicious desserts and sweet bread.  Mouth-watering to say the least.

 Noa Beach Club at Le Cameleon boasts a gourmet international menu which you can delight in overlooking the beach.  Dining at Noa is part of the Le Cameleon experience and the fusion of fresh, local produce and Caribbean flavors and spices is key to their success.  Fish tacos are a favorite with fresh, oven cooked fish in a ginger sauce and are served with fresh salad. The other “must not miss” dish is the Caribbean Lobster, which is a local trademark gastronomical delight.  This is fished locally and will not disappoint.

 As a client from Brussels said “The lobsters were fantastic… Charming setting overlooking the sea. Music is excellent”. This sums up the Noa Beach Club Restaurant experience.

Dining at Noa is part of the Le Cameleon experience and the fusion of fresh, local produce and Caribbean flavors and spices is key to their success

 To finish off your culinary experience at the Noa Beach Club restaurant, how about a Tropical Brulee which is a twist on the traditional French dessert?  This is a passionfruit based sweet and is perfect for the beach views you have.

 This beachside eatery also creates amazing cocktails based on the amazing variety of fresh, tropical fruits that are a Costa Rica signature trait. How about sipping on a Watermelon or Mango Margarita, while lying on the beach lounge chairs, listening to the Noa in-house DJ and taking in the Puerto Viejo beach vibe? It sounds like paradise, right?

 As a guest summed up during a visit in October “They do a coconut mojito that is amazing!”. Now, that really sounds delicious.  The ability to add those Caribbean flavors to the recipe in an idyllic location means that Noa Beach Club Bar and Restaurant stands out.

Cinnamon and Chocolate; Happy Birthday Le Cameleon

Le Cameleon opened its doors ten years ago and redefined luxury in Puerto Viejo. Over the years, just as its namesake, the hotel has made adaptations to ensure its guests can sense the serenity that is at the heart of the Le Cameleon experience.  Through colors and textures and flavors, the experience is sensorial and invites you to sit back, relax and take its beauty whether you are by the pool, having a massage in the Zoe Spa, at the Noa restaurant or in the intimacy of your suite.

Puerto Viejo looks forward to ten more years of Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel to continue to color this little corner of the world.

Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel at Puerto Viejo looks forward to confirming your vacation dates. Every day is a great day to visit so let’s make the dream come true! 


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