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La toscana hills

Why the mountain town of Atenas, Costa Rica wins hearts

by Shannon Farley Most international visitors come to Costa Rica and head straight for the beaches, looking to find their perfect paradise on one of the country’s two coasts — Pacific or Caribbean. While Costa Rica’s beaches certainly are spectacular, I’ll take my mountain town of Atenas any day over the beach. In fact, my...
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Five ways to explore the beauty of Golfo Dulce from Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge

On the far southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, you will find the Golfo Dulce.  This tranquil body of water and the lush jungle that envelopes it is one of the few tropical fjords in the world. This little corner of beautiful Costa Rica is rich in wildlife and ocean adventures.  Let´s look at five...
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The Luxury retreat with a view. La Toscana D’Atenas experience..

Nestled into a coffee plantation covered mountainside, La Toscana D’Atenas, offers the best of both worlds.  A spectacular villa that is just a short drive to the bustling city of San José and the countries main cultural and commercial center but far enough away to enjoy breathtaking views over the Central Valley, this is a...
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Atenas Costa Rica homes

Why is Real Estate in Costa Rica a Good Investment?

Whether you want to move internationally or enjoy having your own vacation home, real estate in Costa Rica is a good investment. Always dreamed of having a home in the tropics someday? Lots of people from the U.S. and Canada are buying homes in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica. Whether they’re making the big move...
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Buying a new home in Costa Rica

Why Use a Corporation to Buy Real Estate in Costa Rica?

Do you know why foreigners use corporations to buy real estate in Costa Rica? Find out the ins and outs of buying property in Costa Rica with Pure Life Development of Atenas. While clear and uncomplicated, procedures for buying real estate in Costa Rica can be different from what many foreigners are used to in...
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Atenas Costa Rica Photo Book by Charlie Doggett

Beautiful Atenas, Costa Rica Showcased in New Photo Book

Expat photographer, Charlie Doggett, publishes a new photo book about Atenas, Costa Rica showing off the beautiful nature and happy life in his adopted hometown. Charlie Doggett moved to Atenas, Costa Rica to retire. But the 77-year-old from Tennessee fell in love so much with Costa Rica’s nature that he’s busier than ever publishing books...
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Atenas Costa Rica

3 Top Reasons Expats in Costa Rica Love Atenas Living

What is it about the town of Atenas that leads expats in Costa Rica to relocate here? Location, weather and friendly community. “When we look out at sunrise from our terrace over the beautiful Atenas countryside, we know the meaning of gratitude,” said U.S. expats Michael and Karen Elder about living in Atenas, Costa Rica. “Living...
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Vacation rental guest house in Atenas Costa Rica

Family Construction Business Enjoys Success in Atenas, Costa Rica

Master builders Ovidio and Rolando Perez Gonzalez share their love of construction successfully building custom luxury homes in Atenas, Costa Rica. More than just another construction company, the story of the family construction business in Atenas, Costa Rica of Rolando Perez Gonzalez and Ovidio Perez Gonzalez is a legacy of simple beginnings, hard work, family...
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Spanish language lessons in Costa Rica

Learning Spanish for Living in Costa Rica

If you plan on living in Costa Rica, it’s best to learn Spanish to be able to converse with locals and enrich your experience. Learn Spanish in Atenas, Costa Rica at Su Espacio. When you travel to other countries, being able to converse with the local population opens up worlds of opportunities and experiences you...
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Christmas means coffee season in Atenas, Costa Rica!

December is peak coffee picking season in Costa Rica. El Toledo Organic Coffee Tour & Farm in Atenas, Costa Rica shows you all about coffee from bean to cup. Christmastime in Atenas, Costa Rica is always characterized for me by coffee picking season. December is the peak of coffee picking season in Costa Rica. All...
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New airline routes open Costa Rica to Latin America travel

Starting in December 2016, Costa Rica is the new hub for low-cost flights to explore other destinations in Latin America. When you live in Costa Rica, or come for an extended stay, there are so many interesting things to do and see here that you can easily spend all of your free time traveling in...
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Is Atenas, Costa Rica an affordable place to live?

Looking to move abroad for a lower cost of living without sacrificing quality of life? Find out if Atenas, Costa Rica is an affordable place to live for an expat. A lot of people nearing retirement age or already retired in the United States worry about the future, especially about the cost of living. The...
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What Makes Expat Residents in Atenas, Costa Rica So Happy?

Costa Rica is one of the most popular expat destinations in the world. And in Costa Rica’s central highlands, Atenas is a favorite place for international living. So, what makes expats in Atenas, Costa Rica so happy? Over the past decade, Costa Rica consistently has ranked very high in international surveys about retiring and living...
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Coopeatenas logo in Atenas Costa Rica

Atenas, Costa Rica celebrates city birthday & oldest business

Atenas, Costa Rica celebrates two important birthdays in August 2016: the town’s 148th birthday; and the 47th anniversary of Atenas’ oldest and largest business CoopeAtenas. Two big birthdays are celebrated in Atenas, Costa Rica in August. Atenas celebrates this month the 148th anniversary of its founding on Aug. 7, 1868. The town and region have...
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Vacation rental Atenas Costa Rica homes

Why Costa Rica homes are good for vacation rental investments

Thinking about retiring in Costa Rica? Or, being able to vacation there frequently? Learn how buying Costa Rica homes for vacation rentals can be an investment in your future, and let you make money when you’re not there. You’ve discovered Costa Rica, a place millions of tourists come to every year on vacation. You’ve found...
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Desmonte Waterfalls by Atenas Costa Rica

Fun things to do in Atenas, Costa Rica in rainy season

Discover & enjoy waterfalls, a coffee tour, farmer’s market, book browsing & a wildlife rescue center – all fun things to do in Atenas, Costa Rica during rainy season. One of the things I love about living in Atenas, Costa Rica is that within a short 20 minutes, I can be in the middle of...
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Unbelievable Opportunity: Own a Business and Live in Costa Rica

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job? Selling everything, packing your bags and moving to a tropical paradise to run your own no-stress small business? Are you retired, but bored and want something to do that isn’t too taxing? Living your dreams and running your own business in Costa Rica has never been easier....
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Buying a new home in Costa Rica

How to Buy a House in Costa Rica in 9 Easy Steps

Costa Rica is among the best countries to retire and is also excellent for real estate investment. You’ve been to the Central American country and see why Costa Rica is a great place to live. You have looked at real estate in Costa Rica, and now you’re ready to buy a house in Costa Rica....
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US elections 2016

Looking to leave if the US 2016 election ends badly? Here’s where to go and why.

If the craziness surrounding the US 2016 election has you a little anxious about the outcome, you may be looking for an easy escape route come 2017. Every election, especially a controversial one, thousands of Americans threaten to leave the United States if the “wrong” candidate becomes president. As anxieties about the outcome of 2016...
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Tropical home design in Costa Rica by Richard Muller

Cool Designs for Tropical Architecture in Costa Rica

Besides amazing style, tropical architecture design is all about working with the elements of nature. Tropical design brings the outside world in for an ambiance of openness and naturalness. Architects are in constant pursuit of breezes, cross-ventilation and shade for cooling effects, and sunlight for warmth, energy and light. Costa Rican architect Richard Muller, head...
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Travel luggage

Costa Rica vacation packing essentials

Costa Rica is a top 2016 vacation destination for warm tropical sunshine and seas, beautiful beaches, rainforest adventures, and affordable travel. It is one of the safest countries in Latin America and easy to get around since English is widely spoken. For easy, affordable accommodations, stay in Costa Rica vacation rentals. In Guanacaste, Costa Rica...
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Casa de Paz home for sale Portasol Costa Rica

Shockingly Easy Ways to Buy Rainforest Properties in Costa Rica

Once again, the Central American nation of Costa Rica is the best country to retire, according to the 2016 Best Countries rankings. And Costa Rica is a top option for a healthy, comfortable retirement as stated in International Living’s Annual Global Retirement Index. A lot of people from other countries invest in real estate in Costa...
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Atenas Costa Rica homes 750,000-1 million

Atenas Costa Rica home prices & what you get for your money

Once again, Costa Rica is the best country to retire and also ranked highly for a healthy, comfortable retirement, according to the 2016 Best Countries rankings and Annual Global Retirement Index. Atenas, Costa Rica is not only a top place for international living, but also a popular vacation destination for its ideal location, halfway between...
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Sunset Atenas Costa Rica

Where is the Best Place to Buy a Home in Costa Rica?

You have decided to move to Costa Rica, or at least buy a vacation home in one of the world’s most popular places for living abroad. How do you choose where is the best place to buy a home in Costa Rica? The five most important things to consider are: lifestyle, climate and geography, infrastructure,...
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