Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica

There are lots of places in the world immersed in nature and Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in beautiful Costa Rica is a stellar example of one. This little corner of the world is a place of nature, wellness, and incredible adventures.  Nicuesa is ideally located in one of the most bio-diverse places in the whole world according to National Geographic which makes it the ideal location to connect with nature.  Why? Because it is surrounded by rainforest, beaches, wildlife, and the friendly welcoming team that will make your stay such a great one. Let´s look at how you can connect with nature while visiting Nicuesa Lodge, a member of the Enchanting Hotels Collection of Costa Rica.

Hike with a guide or explore on your own. 

Hiking at Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge in Costa Rica
Hike through the coastal rainforest at Nicuesa Lodge in Costa Rica on a multisport vacation.

1.    Hiking Trails

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge sits on a 165-acre preserve bordering the Golfo Dulce on one side and the Piedras Blancas National Park on the other.  The property is explorable with its network of nature trails through the rainforest, where you will be in direct contact with its magic, its diversity of vegetation and animals, and the sensory experience it gifts you.

Nicuesa offers its guests the opportunity to venture out on their own with a self-guided tour of the trails, or they can opt for a guided tour by its expert naturalist tour guides. These nature lovers have the extraordinary capacity to spot small or shy wildlife and enthusiasm to share their knowledge of Costa Rica and its incredible biodiversity. 

The nature trails are a great multi-generational activity that all the family and ages can enjoy.  The trails are a mix of casual walks through the pristine rainforest or hikes for the more experienced walkers, so you can decide which one to take depending on your adventure level for the day.

And, let´s not forget that Nicuesa is only reachable by boat, so the chances that your social bubble will be on the trails by itself is highly probable.  It will be you in nature as one.

Yoga in nature. With the beach views too! 


Blue Mind is your state of mind. Another beautiful blue of Costa Rica

2.    Yoga in Nature

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge offers the perfect place for a yoga retreat or daily yoga sessions immersed in nature.  Its yoga deck sits on the edge of the rainforest and overlooks the beach and the Golfo Dulce.  Where better to do yoga than this? The sounds of the rainforest and the gentle ocean waves are the backdrop to your soothing yoga classes.

Not only can Nicuesa be your yoga retreat getaway, but you can also opt for the Yoga Bliss Package. This signature package combines daily yoga classes at the waterfront yoga deck with a series of contrasting guided adventure activities to mix wellness with close-to-nature experiences. The rainforest’s beauty and the gulf’s exploration that holds endless possibilities are your playgrounds to refresh and renew your body and mind in nature. 

Beach cleanup is part of our sustainable tourism program

Blue Flag Nicuesa
Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge has received the prestigious Ecological Blue Flag Award 8 years in a row!

3.    Sustainable Tourism

To truly enjoy nature, you must respect and protect it too.  Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge is one of the best examples of how sustainable tourism can be done successfully. With utmost love and respect for the rainforest and the gulf surrounding it, Nicuesa offers its guests the best of its natural surroundings with the least negative impact.

Nicuesa recently renewed its Costa Rica Sustainable Tourism Certificate obtaining the highest score possible.  This translates to recognizing its compliance with a sustainable model of natural, cultural, and social resource management by the Costa Rica Tourism Institute.  

So, when you stay at Nicuesa, you are part of the sustainable practices that the property lives by.  From the use of clean energies, and environmentally friendly design features of the cabins and the lodge, to the delicious dishes inspired by Costa Rican cuisine and the use of ingredients grown on the property, respect for nature is present in every aspect.

Just sit back and inhale nature.

Nicuesa lodge two-bedroom bungalow
The two-bedroom cabin is very spacious and a good choice for families.

4.    Sit on your verandah and listen to nature.

When you are not walking through the rainforest trails or out on the water, your connection with nature can be from the tranquility of your cabin terrace.  Just the opportunity to sit back and listen to the rainforest orchestra and contemplate its beauty and diversity of sights and sounds is an absolute pleasure.

With special care taken in the construction of the cabins and guest houses, your private space will guarantee the beauty of a close-to-nature experience with wrap-around terraces, exclusive, open-air showers, and louvered doors and windows.  Nature is just steps away at all times, and you can enjoy it from your jungle-chic hideaway.

Exploring the Golfo Dulce is so much fun! 

Go kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and snorkeling in Golfo Dulce. Wanderlust!

Explore the Golfo Dulce is so much fun! 

5.    Explore the Golfo Dulce inlets

The Golfo Dulce is your introduction to the Nicuesa Experience. It is a spectacular beginning!  On the boat ride to the welcoming from the pier to the numerous water activities you can enjoy, the Golfo Dulce is your companion throughout your stay.

One of only four tropical fiords in the world, the Golfo Dulce is a tranquil body of water that is home to dolphins and marine life that you will be able to spot during your exploration of its inlets and dramatic coastline. Then, of course, you decide on how you explore; kayak, SUP, boating, or snorkeling. But whatever the means, days of adventure in nature will be exciting and the perfect opportunity to truly escape to nature.

This new year should be a time to reconnect and renew. Where better than in nature in one of the best eco-lodges in Costa Rica.  Both Nicuesa and Costa Rica have obtained the World Tourism and Travel Council´s Safe Travels Seal, so not only can you immerse yourself in nature, but you can also do so with the peace of mind that safety and hygiene protocols are in place.  So, when are you coming to visit


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