The Enchanting Hotels Collection! Beautiful, best and boutique! Part 2


Our journey around Costa Rica visiting the Enchanting Hotel Collection in the most beautiful corners of this small, yet diverse favorite destination for so many continues in this 2-part article. Today´s trip includes visits to the South Pacific Ocean coast, the adventure-rich Northern Lowlands, and the white-sand coast of Guanacaste. The Enchanting Hotels Collection! Beautiful, best, and boutique. Let´s start our journey.

Today´s trip includes visits to the South Pacific Ocean coast, the adventure-rich Northern Lowlands, and the white-sand coast of Guanacaste. The Enchanting Hotels Collection! Beautiful, best, and boutique
Costa Rica leads the world in environmental protection of natural resources like the Golfo Dulce and Osa Peninsula in southern Costa Rica.

1. South Pacific

The South Pacific Ocean coast of Costa Rica is simply spectacular and is nature’s backyard.  It is home to the Osa Peninsula, cataloged by National Geographic as the most biologically diverse place in the world, the Whales Tail and the Golfo Dulce, one of the world´s four tropical fiords and so much more in between.

Life takes a different rhythm in this part of the world, synchronizing with the flow of nature, the secrets of the dense rainforest, and just as so many of the animals that inhabit it, is full of hidden treasures and extreme natural beauty. There is an untouched feel to it which makes it all the more interesting. It is also where two of Enchanting Hotels are located, immersed in the rainforest.

Cristal Ballena Resort & Spa. Big pool and spectacular views
  • Cristal Ballena Boutique Hotel & Spa, Marino Ballena

Cristal Ballena Boutique Hotel & Spa sits on the mountainside and boasts some of the best-uninterrupted views of the Whales Tail and the majestic Pacific Ocean. What is the Whales Tail? A kilometer-long sand bar that strategically extends out and connects with a rock formation that runs parallel to the coast. This natural formation that appears at low tide creates a carbon copy of a whale’s tail, thus its name.  It is also where the humpback whales arrive every year to mate, give birth, and nurture their calves. Coincidence? We think not.

Cristal Ballena is surrounded by tropical gardens and has an inviting over-sized pool with a view as do the spacious rooms and European-inspired restaurant. Sit back with a drink, be inspired by the views and the incredible sunsets, and relax after a day of adventure and a spa treatment!

One-bedroom cabins are very private, tucked in the rainforest, and fashioned with luxury amenities.
  • Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge, Golf Dulce

Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge sits on the shores of the beautiful Golfo Dulce and is immersed in the Costa Rica rainforest. This sustainable-inspired retreat is the perfect getaway for couples, nature-lovers, families, and yogis with the beach-side yoga deck with twice-daily classes.

Explore the Golfo Dulce kayaking, SUP or take a tour of this bio-rich body of water that teems with marine and birdlife including the gentle giants of the oceans, the humpbacks that visit these protected waters to breed, give birth, and take care of their calves.

Nicuesa is just across the Gulf from Corcovado National Park and borders the Piedras Blancas National Park too. Adventure in nature mixed with relaxation in its jungle-chic ambiance is one of those treasures we find in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

Horseback riding on the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano

2. Guanacaste

Also known as cowboy country, Guanacaste sits on the Nicoya Peninsula and is home to white-sand beaches, tourist centers, extensive farmland, cattle ranches, a volcanic mountain range, and three Enchanting Hotels.  Guanacaste is a favorite tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty and cultural richness.

Let´s explore this peninsula that is also where Costa Rica has its second international airport which means, reaching this peninsula is easy if you are flying in from any of the major North American hubs. Beach, sun, adventure, and traditions all in one place waiting to be explored. Let’s start our journey around Guanacaste

Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin at Rincon de la Vieja Volcano in Costa Rica.
  • Hotel Hacienda Guachipelín, Rincón de la Vieja

Nestled on the slopes of the Rincon de la Vieja Volcano, you will find the Hotel Hacienda Guachipelin, full of character and replicating the traditional Guanacaste hacienda in all its beauty. Not only is Hacienda Guachipelin beautiful, but it is also the resting place after a day of adventure in nature, part of the experience.

The hotel sits within the tropical dry forest, offering a unique experience for its guests. It is also a gastronomical experience with a farm-to-table gourmet meal concept and an innovative menu inspired by Costa Rica ingredients. The natural surroundings also invite a wellness experience at the spa and with yoga classes.  This is perfect after a day of activities at the Adventure Center, where adrenaline is the name of the game.

Bosque del Mar´s beach front suite with jacuzzi
  • Bosque del Mar, Playa Hermosa

From the mountains to the sea, a beachside treasure in the form of Bosque del Mar sits on Playa Hermosa, one of Costa Rica´s best beaches and within the famous Gulf of Papagayo. Bosque del Mar is a special place for a beach getaway.

Beautifully appointed and spacious rooms amidst the lush vegetation and just steps from the refreshing pool are just the beginning of your luxury stay. Take an early morning swim at the beach or an afternoon stroll before enjoying a gourmet meal at the Niromi Restaurant, one of the best in the area.  It is also strategically located, just minutes from the Guanacaste International Airport and a host of activities and tours.

Beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and Playa Carrillo
  • Naambu Bungalows, Playa Carrillo

Just south of Samara Beach, you will find the beautiful palm-lined Playa Carrillo that is home to Naambu Bungalows that sits on the headland overlooking the beach and the Pacific Ocean. This hotel is perfect for families and couple getaways with spacious, natural-light-filled rooms with fantastic ocean and sunset views.

Naambu Beachfront Bungalows is a bit off-the-beaten-track which works to its favor. Secluded but with all the comforts of a relaxing beach escape under the Costa Rica tropical sun with fantastic service and amenities is what a beach vacation should be about.  Lay by the sun-kissed pool, enjoy a spa treatment, and delight in the delicious meals from the restaurant all with views of the beautiful surroundings.

Arenal Volcano, the queen of the Northern Lowlands.

3. Northern Lowlands

This part of Costa Rica is the land of our volcanic queen, the Arenal Volcano. She sits quietly yet formidable overlooking this vast area of wildlife-rich wetlands, lush, rainforests, productive farmland, winding rivers, adventure in nature activities galore, and tight-knit rural communities. The northern lowlands are bordered by volcanic mountain ranges, rivers, and the Caribbean Sea and it is beautiful

It is home to two of the Enchanting Hotel collection members too so let´s explore the northern lowlands from the awesome Arenal to the wilderness of the wetlands.

Tropical gardens surround Tilajari Hotel and Conference Center


  • Tilajari Hotel Resort, Arenal Volcano

Tilajari Hotel Resort and Conference Center wakes to views of the Arenal Volcano every day and the soft movement of the San Carlos River that borders the property with its beautiful tropical gardens that embrace the spacious rooms, pool, tennis courts, and restaurant.

The Arenal Volcano region is full of adventure activity opportunities. Tilajari becomes your basecamp for exploring this part of Costa Rica that consistently is considered one of the best in the world for adventure and close-to-nature experiences. Zip-lining, rafting, waterfalls, hanging bridges, and birdwatching are just a few of its possibilities. Tilajari is the perfect retreat after a day of exploration.

Hacienda Caño Negro is magical
  • Hacienda Caño Negro, Caño Negro Wetlands

Welcome to the land of the Jabiru Storks, Anhingas, and Northern Jacanas, or a sly crocodile gliding through the water. On the far northern, lowlands of Costa Rica, you will find the Caño Negro National Wildlife Refuge and Hacienda Caño Negro, and Enchanting Hotel.

A perfect retreat for wildlife lovers and those travelers that like to take the road less traveled, Hacienda Caño Negro offers accommodation, a restaurant that offers contemporary, gourmet dishes inspired by the local indigenous Maleku´s ingredients and the wildlife-filled back garden in the form of wetlands.

What a journey! Our two-part Enchanting Hotel Collection trip around Costa Rica has ended on paper. It is time for it to become a reality. Enchanting Hotels invites you to Costa Rica and its hotels to enjoy the very best of this beautiful country. So, when are you coming?

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