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Body and mind in balance: Yoga!

Yoga has been practiced for thousands of years by many people around the world. Etymologically Yoga means union, trying to connect the absolute principle with the conscience. Yoga is an empirical science that helps to purifies body and mind giving a number of benefits, providing a balance on the physical and mental conditions of people....
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Costa Rica public transportation

Costa Rica Public Transportation

Costa Rica Public Transportation – Bus Schedules and driving times Mostly, Costa Rica public transportation system works really well from San Jose to all destinations. If you are planning to travel Costa Rica by public buses here you will find the main routes from San Jose city. Also, please take note of safety tips we...
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Passion for football!!

People in Costa Rica love football!! This is not just a phrase; actually it has been a passion of crowds for many years. From the local championships to the international events like the CONCACAF Gold Cup, all are follow by many Costa Ricans, cheering Costa Rica´s team or just enjoying the adrenaline and passion that...
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More adventure in Costa Rica!!

Canyoning also known as canyoneering mainly in the U.S, is an outdoor activity that consists in going down the canyons using different techniques such as hiking, swimming, abseiling, climbing and scrambling. The ideals canyons for canyoning are often cut into the bedrock stone, forming narrow gorges with numerous drops, sculpted walls and in some cases...
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Biodiversity in Costa Rica: Birds!!

Costa Rica is such as small country in size, but very big and rich in nature, fact that has been proved and experienced by nature lovers from over the world, over and over again. The large range of species of both flora and fauna, gives the real essence and charm to this beautiful country. If...
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Rafting: An unforgettable adventure!!

White water rafting is an adventurous activity that uses inflatable rafts to pass through the river, which is practiced on white water or different degrees of rough water, producing excitement and adrenaline on the passengers. This activity is called a leisure sport, and nowadays important events are being held all around the world in order...
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A historical jewel: National Theatre

San Jose downtown is a city full of contrasts, with the regular hustle of a capital city, it stills keeping a unique essence on its surroundings. The top attractions within the area are mainly based in cultural activities, like museums, theatres and historical architecture. And is actually the historical and cultural richness what brings visitors...
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Rafting Championship at Pacuare River

In October will be held the World Rafting Championship in Costa Rica. This event will take place at Pacuare river, one of the top ten rivers to white water raft in the world!! Explornatura is proudly sponsoring the activity. This event will be full of adrenaline and adventure, autentic characteristics of this amazing river. Check...
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A nice getaway: Turrialba Volcano!!

Volcanoes can be defined scientifically as fissures on the surface (usually in a mountainous form) with a magma chamber attached to the mantle of a planet, periodically erupting forth lava and volcanic gases onto the surface. However, they are much more than just geological formations. They are part of beautiful scenarios and landscapes throughout the...
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Nature´s Lovers Paradise!

As I have been talking on previous posts, Costa Rica is a country full of nature and biodiversity. If we start counting the number of attractive and natural resources within its area, the list would none finish. From volcanoes and beaches to rainforests and rivers, plus the number of habitats for thousands of flora and...
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Things to do near San Jose!

Following the last topic about San Jose, regarding things to do in the area, the following list gives a detail description on different activities within the Central Valley: • Lankester Gardens: This place has a world class orquids collection of nearly a thousand varieties. You can enjoy all the varieties of orchids, bromeliads, cacti and...
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Getting to Turrialba!

Turrialba is a beautiful town located around one hour and 30 minutes from San Jose. Is a city in the province of Cartago, which has been developing in different areas, one of which is tourism, thanks to its many natural attractions. Because of this, during the past years the number of tourists visiting the area...
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Surfing in Paradise!

During the past few years Costa Rica has become one of the world´s top surf destinations, is has been called ¨The Hawai of Latin American surfing¨. This position has been gained for many reasons, like warm water, consistent year round surf, affordable prices, easy access to breaks, over 700 miles of coastline, both Pacific and...
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San Jose, a small look!

San Jose is the capital of Costa Rica, a city with history, that has been changing throughout the years, whether for good or for bad. Leaving aside the reasons why the city is considered unpleasant and unsafe, this place has several points in its favor, and its never late to stand them out. As any...
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Culture and art all around Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a well known country, for its diversity in flora and fauna, ecotourism and sustainability, everything in the same equation. However, there are a number of characteristics that   might not be signature features in a global level, but are important elements of the real Costa Rica, which open a big amount of options to...
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Art, Sun and Fun! San Jose

Sunny days and a perfect temperature is the correct match to enjoy the summer time in San Jose-Costa Rica. The capital city is full of things to do! Mainly during the weekends! Hosted by the Municipality of San Jose, the 2011 Transiarte Festival (March 12 and March 13) was a collage of art expressions in...
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Rafting at Pacuare river

Pacuare river offers you class III and IV rapids along with a breathtaking scenary of Costa Rica and a variety of tropical flora and fauna!! Rafting combines the adrenaline and adventure all in one tour!! Explornatura will give you all of this, what are you waiting for!!
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Adventure and nature in one word: Pacuare!

The Pacuare river is one of the most important rivers in Costa Rica, with approximately 108 km long, it is originated in “Cordillera de Talamanca”. Surrounded by a rainforest that housed a variety of exotic animals such as jaguars, monkeys and a very large number of birds. This river is divided in different sections, each...
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