Passion for football!!

People in Costa Rica love football!! This is not just a phrase; actually it has been a passion of crowds for many years. From the local championships to the international events like the CONCACAF Gold Cup, all are follow by many Costa Ricans, cheering Costa Rica´s team or just enjoying the adrenaline and passion that this sport aroused in thousands.

Costa Rica has a long-standing football culture and tradition. The first match with the national team took place in 1921 and from there many matches have been played, having the chance to qualify for three world cups, Italy 1990, 2002 Korea/Japan and 2006 Germany.
During these world cups, ¨los ticos¨ have cheered their team in every single game, taking the chance to sit, relax and enjoy with friends and family; either in their homes or hanging out in some bar, most people tries to find the perfect spot to enjoy the game and share some spare time with others.
It is actually this tradition what makes football a highlighting activity for Costa Ricans, you can ask around and everyone will tell you the same, they love celebrations and parties in name of football.
Right now, Costa Rica is participating in ¨La Copa America¨ playing against some of the most important teams in America like Brazil or Argentina. ¨Ticos¨ are, as usual very excited with this participation and waiting to have a good spot in the first places of this event.
If you share this passion with Costa Ricans, come and visit our country, enjoy the fun ambience, take a sit and share a drink with us. You can visit Hotel Ritzli in the heart of San Jose, now featuring a cozy and friendly bar with cable TV to watch football matches and share with hotel staff and other guests. Check out the photos, now also featuring Cable TV in all rooms!!!

By Maricel/Ritzli

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