Santa Teresa Beach Yoga Retreats

Last time on the article Body and Mind in balance: Yoga! I had the chance to highlight the number of benefits yoga can bring to our lives and how wonderful is to combine it with a perfect vacation in a secluded paradise beach in Costa Rica as it is Santa Teresa.

Santa Teresa beach offers the perfect settings to practice this discipline; this might be the reason why many of the resorts and hotels are getting specialized in bringing options to this kind of guests.

Yoga retreats are usually thought on behalf of the purification, healing and relaxation of the people who get immersed into it. These retreats are based on different categories of yoga, creating objectives and planning steps to follow during the days of the retreat.

Let´s take as example the two latest additions of Hotel Tropico Latino, one of hotels offering yoga retreats in Santa Teresa beach. The first one was named Tantra Vinyasa Yoga & Adventure Retreat; basing it on two types of yoga, Tantra and Vinyasa.

Tantra Yoga is India’s Secret Science that seeks for the connection between the 7 chackras (energy centers) and the 5 nature elements through its postures; helping the yogi to access the infinite universal energy, taking it to the core of its frustrations, fears and anxiety, allowing the person to control and direct the energy in the energetic body through the physical body. On the other hand, the Vinyasa Yoga practice is a profound breath to body linking mechanism that helps the yogi to trust its body, creating a closer connection and leaving a feeling of strength and control in the body.

The objective is to blend the elements of these yoga types to leave a renewed sense of deep self-knowing and newfound positive thoughts to improve the weaknesses of the yogi life. This first retreat combines intensive yoga practice, surf lessons, healthy diet, spa treatments, relaxation and fun at the beach surrounded by tropical lush gardens and wildlife.

The second example is the Restorative Vinyasa Yoga & Adventure Retreat. In this case, the combination comes with Vinyasa and Restorative Yoga, along with the Chakras. Restorative yoga can be described as a supported, conscious body/mind relaxation practice, offering benefits to both body and mind. Done in sequence, a restorative yoga practice will bring your body into a deeply relaxed state allowing your mind to become quiet and reflective.

The practice of Vinyasa yoga during the mornings and Restorative yoga in the evenings mixed with the focus of a new chakra every day, during both classes; can help the yogi to receive all the benefits from the three global concepts. The retreat combines the same activities than the first one, only changing the objectives and steps to approach the healing and relaxation the yogi is looking for.

Combining a group of elements in one place can make you live an unforgettable experience and this is exactly what a yoga retreat in Santa Teresa can give you. The practice of yoga, developing new skills on surfing, nature and wildlife surrounding you all the time, warm weather and one of the most privileged beach locations in the world, along with the feeling of positive healing energy and the once lost perfect balance of body, mind and soul. All these elements become the perfect blend for one memorable healing getaway.

By Maricel/Tropicolatino


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