Summer adventure in Costa Rica!

Teen camps are very popular among different countries around the world. They usually take place during summer time, which is the longest school break of the year in many places.

These camps are supervised programs either for children or teenagers, where different activities such as hiking, canyoning and campfires take place.The main objective of these camps is giving educational, cultural and social development to the campers.

The organization of the camp is often based on specific themes, trying to help on the skills and personal development of the participants. A very popular theme is adventure, because it mixes, lots of fun, adrenaline and physical activities with personal, social and cultural aspects, which make a complete package for teenagers.
On the last years, teen camps around the world have become very popular, because it gives a different and unique cultural experience, along with the regular benefits of these camps.

Costa Rica is popular on adventure and leisure activities and this is not the exception; many tour operators and travel agencies offer these services with different alternatives to choose from on some of the most popular destinations in the country.

Teen camps in Costa Rica go beyond expectations in terms of adventure, because of the many places to practice it along with the biodiversity and perfect natural settings. These aspects usually come with a cultural immersion with locals families and sometimes Spanish classes; providing a fun and multicultural experience.

The length of the camps can vary depending on how many places will be visit, how many activities are going to be done and the number of participants. The packages include transportation, meals, lodging and all the activities and tours. The tours are specially selected to include adrenaline, fun and adventure.

As I mentioned before, the camps take place in some of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica, for example, Turrialba, which houses the grand Pacuare River, the Turrialba Volcano, amazing biodiversity and typical Costa Rican town to share with.

Explornatura offers a complete program in the area, full of adventure, nature, adrenaline and cultural immersion. It has been specially designed for teenagers including all the features to enjoy a truly intensive travel experience.

The program covers Spanish classes, lodging with local families, camping, visits to nature preserves, visits to an indigenous village and off course different adventure tours including rafting on Pejiballe River, overnight rafting on Pacuare River and canyoning in the mountains of Turrialba.

An excellent chance to enjoy Costa Rica and live an unforgettable experience!!

By Maricel/Explornatura

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