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Costa Rica is a well known country, for its diversity in flora and fauna, ecotourism and sustainability, everything in the same equation. However, there are a number of characteristics that   might not be signature features in a global level, but are important elements of the real Costa Rica, which open a big amount of options to visitors and locals, that along with the typical definition of the country as ¨natural paradise¨, allow Costa Rica to offer this extra value going beyond its principal potential. Culture and art, are also important elements in this country´s identity, and now they can be enjoy by anyone in anywhere.

During the last few years, the government and different organizations have been working together to preserve and increase this kind of activities, throughout all the national territory. They have been organizing several events and festivals, that collaborated in the increasing development of the culture and arts field.
2011 is not the exception, and March was the chosen month to organize the FNA (National Festival of Arts), that is already taking place in the beautiful towns of Turrialba and Siquirres. With a nice variety of activities to enjoy and explore, the festival was officially inaugurated on March 18th, and will still have activities until this coming Sunday.
The main objective of the event, is to share the culture, history and art of the area, highlighting the growing national artists and giving the opportunity to all its visitors to truly make a connection with the real essence of these towns.

If you have the chance to visit the festival, you will be able to experience the real Costa Rica, and as I mentioned before, just mix culture and art with the ¨natural paradise¨, and the result will turn out amazing. Combining delicious typical food, a traditional crafts exposition and afterwards a horseback riding tour through Turrialba valley or maybe hiking to Turrialba volcano, will make your visit unforgettable!! The FNA is just there for you, and for the tours don´t worry you have plenty of options to make them, Explornatura is one of them, so you don´t have excuse.

And don´t worry if you cannot make it this time,  many events and activities are coming all around the country, so you will have plenty of options to enjoy and explore this other face of Costa Rica.

By Maricel/Explornatura

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