Surfing in Paradise!

During the past few years Costa Rica has become one of the world´s top surf destinations, is has been called ¨The Hawai of Latin American surfing¨. This position has been gained for many reasons, like warm water, consistent year round surf, affordable prices, easy access to breaks, over 700 miles of coastline, both Pacific and Caribbean oceans, friendly people, great surf camps and international surfing tournaments.

If we take all these reasons and mix it, with the variety of options offer by this country in terms of nature, culture and fun, the combination results in a wonderful experience.

Costa Rica has many places to practice surfing, some of them are more popular than others, however the main essence of surfing will be always found anywhere in the country. Some of the best spots to practice surfing are: Dominical, Pavones, Jaco, Hermosa, Tamarindo, Playa Grande, Puerto Viejo and Mal Pais.

This last one, has many characteristics that make it unique. Mal Pais is located in a great place to catch swell, and is one of the last really uncrowded surfing areas in Costa Rica. There are several surf spots in Mal Pais like El Carmen, Playa Hermosa, Playa de Los Suecos and Punta Barrigona.

Combining the good surf features in the area, plus the beautiful beach and natural surroundings make of Mal Pais an excellent place to visit while you explore Costa Rica. If you are a surfing lover, enjoy beach and warm weather, and love the contact with nature, this is for you.

As a surfing paradise, the area offers many options in terms of accommodation, food and services in general. An excellent place to stay while you are in Mal Pais, is Tropico Latino, located just across the beach, offering unique accommodations (bungalows), spa, yoga and of course surfing classes in one of the best spots in the area, along with the fact that its owner is a surfer, he will be there to give you advice, at anytime you need it.
Mal País a great choice in Costa Rica´s paradise!!

By Maricel/Tropicolatino

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