Costa Rica is amazing in many ways because more than just a country, it is a concept that consistently shines brightly and leads the pack in such diverse capacities. While it is maybe best known for eco-tourism and its biodiversity, this little country has a remarkable way of showing the way life can be lived naturally, lovingly, peacefully, and respectfully.  So, for those that know Costa Rica and it´s modus-operandi, it is of no surprise that on the 26th May 2020, it joined the ever-growing list of countries that have legalized same-sex marriage and we believe this should be celebrated!  This is how to love in Costa Rica!

The exclusive collection of eco-luxury hotels that form the Enchanting Hotels of Costa Rica are pleased to be part of the Costa Rican Concept and welcomes this historic milestone that guarantees inclusiveness and the essence of human rights and equality.  It is also a warm welcome to the LGBTQ community and the lovers of love and the assurance that your visit to beautiful Costa Rica and Enchanting Hotels will be fantastic.  Each property is a representation of how to love in Costa Rica.

We say that there is nothing better than celebrating the love of nature, of the thrill of the adventure, of the symphony of colors of the sunsets, of the fusion of flavors and the perfect pause to enjoy the moment, here and now.   Let´s see where you can love in Costa Rica!

Love is the beach

The beaches that steal your heart.

When a beach is called Beautiful Beach, you know you are onto something lovely! Bosque del Mar Hotel is located on this beach that invites you to start your day with a daybreak walk before savoring that freshly brewed Costa Rican coffee. Then you can just fall in love with the art of alternating between relaxing on the beach or by the pool with a refreshing swim.

Located on the far southern corner of the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica you will fall in love with Le Cameleon from the front desk onwards. This beautifully executed concept incorporates the contrast of colors with the beauty of the rainforest laden paradisiacal beach.   Just hang out at the beach club and fall in love with the Afro-Caribbean vibe which is an art in itself!

With spectacular panoramic views of the beach below and the vastness of the Pacific Ocean beyond Nammbu Bungalows knows how to put on the best sunset shows on the Nicoya Peninsula where nature meets the sea.  It will also be love at first sight of the beautiful Carrillo beach that it is just steps away from.

How to love on a volcano in Costa Rica

Love is a Volcano of Emotions

Pablo Neruda in his 100 Love Sonnets wrote “Love, my territory of kisses and volcanoes”. If love is volcanic, then Costa Rica is full of love because we have some beautiful ones to show off.

Hacienda Guachipelin is nestled into the slopes of the active Rincon de la Vieja Volcano so this is for the lovers of adventure and nature.  Ziplining, rappelling, tubing down a river, rock climbing will get your heart throbbing before relaxing back into the beauty of this hacienda-style ranch that swings to the traditional Guanacaste tunes.

The Poas Volcano is one of Costa Rica´s most significant landmarks that likes to make its presence felt and it easy to fall in love with.  Imagine a mountain top hotel sitting in a cloud rainforest with an open chimney, spectacular views of the Central Valley in the company of your love interest.  This is a story-book love scene come true on the slopes of a volcano and it happens at Poas Volcano Lodge.

Love moves Mountains

Monteverde is home to one of the most beautiful examples of a cloud rainforest. It is mystical, magical, and delicate making it such a special place to visit. El Establo Mountain Lodge is the perfect place to live the love potion of this memorable place as you explore the misty trails of the dense, lush forest that fairy tales are made of.  Spacious suites with incredible views of the Gulf of Nicoya, top this mountain love story.

Down the coast and perched on the South Pacific Mountain range that runs parallel to the magnificent beach-lined coast, Cristal Ballena is surrounded by verdant forest and it also has the most beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean and the spectacular Marina Ballena National Park that welcomes the Humpback Whales every year to give birth to and nurture their young.  This is the love of nature at its best.

Love is a tropical cocktail

Love is the water of life

The Amazonian-like water canals of Tortuguero on the northern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is where time takes on a whole new meaning.  As William Shakespeare put it “…but for those who love, time is eternal.” This is how you will feel when you stay at Tortuguero and at Manatus Costa Rica Hotel.   Not only will you fall in love with the rainforest laden water canals, the diversity of animals that call it home, but your tempo will also synchronize with the tidal water dances and the rhythm of the chorus of wildlife.

In one of the most understated environments of nature, the Caño Negro wetlands are a secret love story yet to be told. Hacienda Caño Negro sits on the edge of these wildlife-rich waters waiting to be explored and for the story to unfold. A bird and angler lover’s dream come true and the perfect place to begin to narrate it.

Art City of Love

The Central Valley is the land of the city buzz.  The commercial, financial, cultural, and governmental epicenter is home to Costa Rica Studio Hotel which is an artistic oasis on the western fringe of San Jose, the capital city of Costa Rica.  With a near-perfect location, this boutique hotel is also an art gallery so immerse yourself into the love of the city lights and the artistic expressions that woo you during your stay.

Love is in the colors of a sunset

For the love of nature

In one of the most biodiverse regions of the world, you will find Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge that is hidden within the dense rainforest with views of the Golfo Dulce, on the far southern corner of Costa Rica.  This is where the love of nature is cultivated and that is within hands reach in the beauty of the jungle chic Nicuesa Lifestyle.

A visit to Costa Rica is not complete with paying a visit to our Arenal Volcano as she is beautiful, inspiring, and awesome! Tilajari Hotel is a short ride from our sleeping beauty that is a land of adventure and close to nature experiences.  The best in the world!  You will fall in love with her and her magical thermal hot springs that renew and rejuvenate.

So, just as Costa Rica is celebrating love for everyone, there are lots of ways to fall in love with this beautiful country and all the fantastic places you can visit during your stay.  Love is love and Enchanting Hotels would love to be part of the story!  Let us know how you want to come and fall head over heals.

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