The Best Boutique Hotel in San Jose; the art of living

Studio Boutique Hotel sits on the edge of San Jose in the dynamic suburb of Santa Ana where the diversity of restaurants, offices, commercial centers, and local living is alive and kicking. Unlike other hotel properties in the area, the Studio Boutique Hotel is not only a great option for business or pleasure travel, but it also is an art gallery acknowledging local and international artists.  This is the best boutique in San Jose and where the art of living is its trademark.

What will strike you upon arrival at Studio Boutique Hotel that is hidden from the main strip, is a beautiful tree that welcomes you to this little oasis. The tree and the entrance also offer a subtle introduction to what awaits you inside.

These bursts of colors, textures, statues, and interpretations cover all the walls and spaces of this five-star boutique hotel are one of the most important art collections in the country. And what better welcome after a day at the office or an adventure tour. The beauty of Costa Rica comes indoors with you when you stay here.

As a guest recently said about the hotel, “And if you are into Art the whole hotel is an art museum! Go to each floor and walk each hall. You’ll forget you are in a hotel!”. It must be a special place when you are immersed in art and forget it is a hotel.
The great thing is that it is a hotel and it has the best of hotel living. The rooms are spacious and modern and the Wi-Fi is fast so you are connected in comfort. The rooftop pool and the gym also are great spaces to escape to and relax or burn off some of those calories from the fantastic food you will eat while staying.

For the business traveler, this is the place!

For the business traveler, this property is perfect thanks to its great location close to the thriving business forums and centers and the international airport. This means you are never too far away from this sanctuary after a big day at the office or when you have an early flight. You can retreat to the tranquility of the hotel that it breathes the moment you reach the entrance.

Close by are a number of great restaurants and eateries if you would like to venture out for a change of scenery. The hotel is conveniently located close to a number of new and trendy places to have a local beer and some great food.

If eating in is your preferred choice, the Studio Boutique Hotel offers a Bar & Grill on the property which offers a diverse menu with local produce and lots of art in each dish. The bar menu is as just as creative as the dishes they complement so treat yourself to a great night out without going out!

Studio Cafe, Bar and Grill is when eating in is the best option

Santa Ana; your home during your stay.

Santa Ana is essentially a small town that merged into city life while retaining its authenticity. It has undergone a growth boom mixing in modern business and commercial aspects with a well-appointed urban sprawl offering a fusion of opportunities for residents and guests. This is a great place to be.

Being on the western edge of the city, it also means you are not far from the Pacific Coast. You are just a few minutes from the highway that will take you directly down onto the coast and where the sky is the limit. The trip to the sea is only about an hour away so if you like, you can take the scenic drive just for the day and be back at the Studio Hotel for dinner.

If you would prefer to walk the streets of San Jose and feel the “Tico” vibe, you are only a short drive into the bustle of the city too. The great thing about San Jose is that it is small and very walkable. Don`t miss the spectacular and historical National Theater and have a coffee at the café there too. This is a Costa Rican treasure.

When a hotel is also an art gallery

The best location in San Jose

The Studios Hotel very convenient location also means you are not far from volcanoes, coffee plantations, zip lining and lots of eco-adventures that have put Costa Rica on the map as one of the best adventure destinations in the world. If you are not sure what to do or where to go, the hotel has an in-house tour desk so make you mind up when you arrive.

What better way to start the day than a great breakfast? Before going to the office, the beach, the volcano or to downtown San Jose to do some exploring, enjoy the delicious breakfast served daily at the restaurant. The coffee is amazing! Costa Rican coffee of course. Fresh fruit, juices, cereals, and hot dishes galore to begin your day full of art and experiences.

The Studio Boutique Hotel offers a unique space for travelers. The combination of a locally and independently owned five-star boutique hotel that is home to and a tribute to Costa Rican art and it`s artists. Your stay at this small yet perfectly located getaway guarantees you a cultural experience in the best possible way.

When would you like to come and visit? You can book online with a couple of clicks and come to paradise with art! See you soon.

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