Osa Peninsula
Costa Rica's forests play an important role in reducing the world's carbon footprint

Costa Rica leads world in protecting forests

Tropical forests cover 15% of the globe’s surface and capture 25% of the carbon present in the atmosphere. These healthy forests play a critical role in curbing climate change. They “breathe” CO2 from the atmosphere and store it in trees and soil; in fact, roughly half of the world’s terrestrial carbon is stored in forests,...
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Humpback whales migrate thousands of miles to Costa Rica every year

Costa Rica whale watching celebrates longest migration on earth

It is a gigantic journey. A one-way trip can last upwards of 5,000 miles. Imagine walking from a bit north of Anchorage, Alaska, all the way to San Jose, Costa Rica, and that’s the distance we’re talking about. Or, think of swimming from Antarctica to Costa Rica. Now imagine not resting nearly at all, and...
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