Turrialba Valley

Turrialba Valley is located in east side of Cartago Province, just one hour and thirty minutes away from San Jose. During the past few years, the wealth and beauty of this area has been discovered by the increasing number of visitors every year. Here you can find a unique charm and essence, very different to...
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Tortuguero, Costa Rica

Costa Rica offers to its visitors a wide range of activities and attractions, spread out all over the country; from coast to coast our visitors can find lots of options and destinations to explore in our country. Tortuguero is one of the highlights, very popular among the nature lovers; this national park offers wide biodiversity...
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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo can be called the main tourist destination of the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. The town is located in Talamanca Canton in the province of Limon, in the southeastern coast of the country, close to the Panamanian border. The magic of this place is a combination of different reasons such as white sand...
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Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio is cataloged as one of the main tourist destinations in Costa Rica. One of the most usual itineraries chosen by tourists is the Arenal-Monteverde-Manuel Antonio, having this last one as the perfect choice for their beach part of the trip. This popularity has been gained thanks to the number of elements composing this...
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Honeymoons in Costa Rica: Santa Teresa Beach

How can we describe a honeymoon? There are some many words and ways to describe it, some people say is the most romantic experience of their lives, some others say is a holiday taken by the ¨just married¨ couples; the perfect chance to escape from everything and take a vacation. At the end of the...
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Arenal-Fortuna: the absolute destination in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you can find a big number of places to visit, those are usually divided by tourist regions; among the most popular can be found Monteverde, Manuel Antonio and La Fortuna. This time let´s focus on La Fortuna – Arenal area. The history of the area began around the 1930´s, when the first...
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A dream beach destination!!

Costa Rica’s tropical paradise gives a large range of options to enjoy and get immersed in an unforgettable experience, staying out of the typical tourist traps. Trying to find off the beaten track beach destinations, Santa Teresa beach came to my mind. Unlike most other beach towns in the country, this town has the charm...
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Rancho Humo, natural experience

Rancho Humo, Natural Experience Protected and Nature Conservancy Reserve in Guanacaste Costa Rica. Rancho Humo is a private reserve of 2640 acres located at the heart of a major conservation area, which includes Palo Verde National Park. Here you can experience numerous ecosystems: mangrove, wetlands, dry tropical rainforest, pastures, a large variety of flora and...
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