Turrialba Valley

Turrialba Valley is located in east side of Cartago Province, just one hour and thirty minutes away from San Jose. During the past few years, the wealth and beauty of this area has been discovered by the increasing number of visitors every year.

Here you can find a unique charm and essence, very different to the popular and regular touristic places in other parts of the country. A special combination of distinctive elements made of this valley a one of a kind; the tropical forest, world class conditions to white water raft, wealth of natural resources, beautiful landscapes and a very renowned river are just part of the many reasons of the richness of Turrialba.

The development of the area during the past few years has been attached to the tourism growth, which has been increasing lately, mostly because of the popularity of adventure activities, such as zip lining, canyoning and the incomparable rafting offer in this valley.Turrialba Valley

All these adventure options mixed with the natural beauty and cultural richness of the area have created another option to explore Costa Rica from a very different and unique view.

The latest sporting events like the World Rafting Championship have also helped inthe recognition of Turrialba. Competitors and its companions coming from all over the world fall in love with the beauties  of the Pacuare River and its surroundings.

Just another example of the charm produced by this valley. Enjoy the richness of Turrialba, explore a different place and experience the adventure tours in the area! Explornatura offers you different one day adventure and many other options, check them out…


By Maricel

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