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Put aside the playful monkeys, the chewing-gum looking frogs and the fluffy sloths by which Costa Rica is known. Then you’ll learn the country is also a paradise for bird watching enthusiasts.

Myioborus_torquatusAny web search on that matter will confirm the country as a feathered hotspot. As of 2006, there were at least 812 vouchered species, according to the Ornithology Association of Costa Rica. That’s more species than that of United States and Canada combined. Such diversity is a consequence of the particular bridging geography of the country.

One that merges the climate conditions of the tropics and help produce fruiting trees during all year long. This is quite attractive for birds that have trouble finding nectar away far from the equator. Species who benefit the most from this phenomenon are the Violet Sabrewing or the Great Green Macaw.

About a quarter of the species are migrant birds. Some of them are the hummingbirds who arrive from the south and the jays that come from the north.

Tough birds profit from this context, it is also true that they play an essential role in pollinating flowers and spreading seeds.

The place to go

If you are into bird watching in Costa Rica and would like to profit from all the diversity the country has to offer, your destination is already set: El Establo, a half costarican-half quaker rainforest hotel famous to most experts in the ornithology field.    It can be found in the Costa Rica rainforest zone of Monterverde.

Hummingbird_at_La_Selva_Costa_RicaIt has a privileged location as a Monteverde Hotel.

It stands close to the Monteverde Biological Reserve. A place that comprises 29.950 acres and withholds six different ecological zones. Because of that, it is easy to spot at least 400 species of birds in the surroundings. Taking care of the environment is a top priority and the reason why this place is a pioneer in ecotourism in Costa Rica. Hotel management is fully aware on how important it is for people who enjoy bird watching in Monteverde, consequently, all operations are ecologically oriented. Besides the advantages El Establo offer to bird watchers, the facilities are also a cozy option to rest and enjoy the trip.

For relaxation, the Green Leaf Spa offer to its visitor massages, facial treatments and special baths, two restaurants and high end adventure activities to improve your well being.


Article by Rommel Téllez

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