As you are beginning to narrow down the possibilities and pinpoint your next travel destination on the world map, let´s help you out with a fantastic place to visit.  It offers a range of great activities in the warm, tropical outdoors, which sounds even more attractive as the fall air begins to bite. Yes, it´s the Gulf of Papagayo, Guanacaste, in beautiful Costa Rica. Here is a guide to 5 Days in Papagayo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica, to tempt you!

Hotel Bosque del Mar will be your home base for your 5 days in Papagayo, and it is spectacular.  With its spacious rooms, manicured tropical gardens, and sizeable pool that overlooks the beach, you may just want not to leave it at all!

So, where is Papagayo, Costa Rica, exactly, you may ask?

The Gulf of Papagayo is located on the mid-north coast of Costa Rica on the Nicoya Peninsula.  Bosque del Mar Hotel sits on Playa Hermosa or Beautiful Beach, one of the many gorgeous beaches within the gulf and on the world-renowned Papagayo Peninsula. This tourism hotspot is in the province of Guanacaste and, thanks to its beautiful coast, has been given the well-deserved nickname, the Gold Coast.

Just 25 minutes from the Guanacaste International Airport, Bosque del Mar Hotel is conveniently located close to the airport, with many beaches, tourist towns, and attractions too. It has an idyllic location on Hermosa Beach within easy walking distance to restaurants and shops too.

Welcome to Bosque del Mar Hotel on Playa Hermosa

DAY 1: Arrival and adapting to the Papagayo vibe

Whether you come by road or by plane, the arrival day will be the perfect opportunity to settle into Bosque del Mar Hotel. Remember that it is right on the beach, so our recommendation is to wander down to the beach area around 4:30 pm and enjoy the amazing sunsets.  The orchestra of colors will contrast the amazing cocktails, making those colors even more vibrant.

Enjoy your beautiful room and terrace to listen to the sounds of the waves or the music of the insects and animals of the lush tropical gardens on the property.

Pool time after some time on the beach

DAY 2:   Quintessentialities!

After a delicious breakfast and maybe an early swim at the beach, put on some comfortable clothes and head to the pool for some summer-loving.  You will love it!

Papagayo is also world-renowned for its beautiful beaches and adventure activities. Today includes a bit of both!

After lunch, another swim on the beach, or just relaxing under the palm trees taking in the beauty of Papagayo, let’s get ready for the quintessential Costa Rican adventure activity: ziplining!

Put your helmet on and harness yourself ready for a ride through the tropical dry rainforest canopy and get birds-eye views of the Pacific Ocean, the dramatic coastline, and the forest itself.  This is a must-do adventure-filled activity that will always be a unique experience.

What a day of contrasts you will have!

Catamaran Time for some fun and relaxation under the sun

DAY 3:  Catamaran and Wellness!

Today, we recommend a morning catamaran ride exploring the beautiful Guanacaste coastline, its inlets, and secluded beaches. What better way to enjoy the Golden Coast of Costa Rica? With long stretches of white-sand beaches, pristine water, and big blue skies, a catamaran ride is relaxing and perfect on the water.

So, slap on some sunblock and hop on board, as this is the perfect way to spend your day.

Today, you might want to wander into the bustling seaside town of Playas de Coco to check out the shopping opportunities or have a bit to eat in one of the many restaurants, café, and eateries that are varied and offer real gastronomical experiences.

You can´t miss a spa treatment with the sights and sounds of the beach and palm trees as a backdrop in the afternoon. Whether you go for a massage or a focused treatment, it will soothe, refresh and renew your body and soul.

Now, that is what a vacation should be about!

Yet again, a day of contrasts in the catamaran and wellness at Papagayo!

Canopy zip-line tour in Costa Rica is always lots of fun

DAY 4:   SUP and poolside

Today is a perfect day for some time on the water in the Gulf of Papagayo as your 5 days in paradise begin to wrap up unless you have already decided to extend your stay!

This morning is perfect for some Stand Up Paddling around the Papagayo Gulf. Its calm, protected waters are perfect for SUP. Explore the Playa Hermosa headland and the beach around the bend and spot lots of bird and marine life as you paddle to your heart’s delight!

After that workout, delight in a delicious lunch at Niromi Restaurant

For the afternoon, why not stay close to the property relaxing by the refreshing pool? You can also go for a walk along the beach and enjoy the sea breeze, the warm sun, and the beautiful landscape.

Don´t forget to pick up your delicious signature cocktail at the Restaurant and enjoy the amazing sunset too.

How does breakfast looking out onto the beach sound? Delicious

DAY 5:   We will be back

Let´s just say that we will see you again soon rather than goodbye.  Papagayo is one of those “I will definitely be coming back” places for so many reasons.

Pop in a quick last-minute swim or walk along the beach, rest on the hammocks overlooking the beach, or just relax in your beautiful room that has been your home for the past few days.

Safe travels whether you fly it or boat it back to San Jose or wherever your travels may take you. Bosque del Mar Hotel is a member of the exclusive Enchanting Hotels collection. It looks forward to your next visit, whether it be a relaxing beach vacation, a nature retreat, or both! See you soon.

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