Costa Rican surfer earns fame in Hawaii

Carlos Munos surfing in Hawaii

Costa Rican surfer, Carlos Muñoz, is making his mark and earning Costa Rica a place in world surfing fame at  many international competitions such as Volcom Pipe Pro competition in Hawaii .

The 18-year-old wave rider from Playa Esterillos scored the first perfect 10 of the world-famous international competition. – Day 2 of the event. Beating out 64 surfers from around the globe, including Hawaiian legends Kalani Chapman and defending Volcom Pipe Pro Champion John Florence, Muñoz won the “highest single wave of the day” and earned himself a $1,000 bonus in cash from Electric’s “Perfect 10 Award.”

“I am so happy that I almost can’t believe it. I won a perfect qualification against a local rival and that is not an easy task. I dedicate this achievement to those who give me unconditional support,” said an excited Muñoz from Hawaii.

Carlos Munos surfing in HawaiiPhoto by Agustin Munoz / Red Bull Costa Rica

The annual 5-star Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) event takes place at the famed Pipeline wave on Oahu’s North Shore. Professional surfers from all over the world come hoping to ride their way to fame and a chance to win up to $130,000 in prize money.

Muñoz, known in his hometown as “Cali,” earned high marks again on Day 3 of the event, with a single wave high score of 9.27.

“I’m living my dream – making national surfing history with such good results in the Pipe Pro fills me with pride and motivation,” said Muñoz. “And to pass my heats shows me clearly that with hard work and discipline you can do anything. I hope to God that the waves remain and I can keep advancing.”

Surfers were back in the water today, starting heats at 11:30 am Costa Rican time.

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By Shannon Farley

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