Go on vacation to boost your mental and physical health

Pranamar Villas Santa Teresa Costa Rica, photo by lisahomsy

Taking a vacation is probably more important for your mental health than anything. Costa Rica is the perfect place for a healthy vacation!

Pranamar Villas Santa Teresa Costa Rica, photo by lisahomsy
Boost your mental and physical health on vacation at Pranamar Villas in Santa Teresa Costa Rica (photo by lisahomsy)

Article by Shannon Farley

Almost daily we are bombarded with messages in the media telling us about the importance of exercise and a healthy diet to improve or keep up our physical health. Whatever our motivation, most of us do what we can to be healthy physically.

However, a lot of people don’t realize that good mental health is just as important to our well-being.

Taking a vacation, while a chance to be physically active and also relax, is probably more important for our mental health than anything else.

Good mental health enables us to enjoy our day-to-day life and our environment, to appreciate other people, and to feel good about ourselves. When we are mentally healthy we can have positive relationships and more easily deal with life’s challenges.

When our mental health is not in balance, because we are stressed or our diet is off or we’ve had a trauma, it can result anxiety or depression, difficulty managing emotions, negative thought patterns, low self-esteem, problems socializing and difficulty in our relationships.

Well-established evidence shows that good mental health actually supports good physical health, and vice-versa. Being physically active triggers brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more relaxed. A nutritious diet helps healthy brain functioning, and getting a good night’s sleep leads to better concentration and energy levels.

Taking time to take care of your mental and physical health is one of the most important things you can do for your own happiness.

Beachfront Santa Teresa hotel Pranamar Villas
Take time for your mental health and physical well-being on vacation in Costa Rica.

How a week (or three!) in a tropical paradise can change your outlook on life.

Costa Rica is known for its laid-back, nature-loving way of life — summed up in the national saying pura vida. Here’s a chance to leave your concrete jungle in exchange for the rich and captivating beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforests and beaches.

Spending time in nature has therapeutic benefits to your mental health, giving you a sense of peace, wellness, and happiness. Like in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, where the warm sunshine, tropical forest, endless ocean and great surf also lure you outside and into being active.

Boost your mental and physical health at the Yoga Teacher Training 2018, September 8 to 29, at Pranamar Villas and Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa. Led by expert yogis Nancy Goodfellow and Kadri Kurgun, the Luminous Heart 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Course is “not a conventional teacher training – consider it a life-changing immersion on all levels: Physical, spiritual and emotional.”

Yoga at Pranamar Villas santa teresa costa rica
Don’t miss the Yoga Teacher Training 2018, Sept. 8 – 29, at Pranamar Villas in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Pranamar Oceanfront Villas offers yoga retreats in Santa Teresa all year long, as well as healthy beach vacations. Improve your body, mind and spirit by the ocean in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

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