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Travel stressTravel can be stressful, there’s no doubt about it. Standing in line, airport security, incessant waiting, lugging bags and suitcases, crowds … and the sitting! Sitting on a plane, or in a car or taxi, or on a bus, or on a train – it plays havoc with your back, butt, hips, legs, and well, pretty much everything.

After a long airplane flight, I always feel about two inches shorter from my back and muscles being scrunched from so much sitting. Know the feeling? Ever want to be pulled apart from head to toe to free your spine?

Yoga for travelers, image by Yoga JournalThe good news is that simple yoga postures while traveling, and after you get to your destination, can help ease travel stress, soothe your body’s cramped muscles, and relax your mind. Plus, if you already regularly do yoga, here are ideas to keep your yoga practice going while on a trip.

You can do yoga anywhere

On a beach, at a park, in a hotel room, and even on public transportation, yoga can be done just about anytime, anywhere. You can improvise for mats and straps, etc.

Include yoga poses on your travel days

While standing around waiting in an airport, etc., do these yoga moves:

When you’re sitting on a plane, train or bus, do these yoga moves:

When you’re tired try Yin Yoga

At your hotel room, try a few yin yoga poses at the end of the day to help release tension and relax you for a good night’s sleep.

Keep it easy with a basic routine

Stay simple with basic yoga postures you know well. These are the ones that your body probably needs anyway to loosen up after long travel.

Yoga Retreat at Pranamar Villas, Santa TeresaA little yoga is better than none

You may not be able to do an hour of yoga a day, or several classes a week, like at home, but a little yoga is better than none. Set aside 15-20 minutes every day in the morning for your yoga stretches and breathing exercises. You’ll begin each day with a clear mind.

Find a yoga class where you travel

Yoga classes can be found just about anywhere you go these days. Drop in at a local yoga class for a good guided session. Best practice, of course, is to go on a yoga retreat for your vacation!

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Article by Shannon Farley

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