Costa Rica takes diversity to a new level from many perspectives.  Whether we are talking about the incredible diversity of wildlife that has made Costa Rica home, the diversity of landscapes it boasts, or the diversity of homegrown beer, this is just the tip of the diversity iceberg.  It also has two coasts, the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea that are diverse in climate, seasons, gastronomy, and lots more.

On the Pacific Ocean side of Costa Rica, September and October are the rainiest months of the year and mark the end of the green season.  The drier months begin from mid-November. On the other side of the country, in September and October, the Caribbean coast enjoys a time of little to no rain and it’s considered the Caribbean Summer.  As is to be expected, this is a time of carnivals and festivities that make it all the more colorful and alive.

Biking is a perfect summer way to get around!

Fantastic Fall Getaway

For this reason and for many more, the Caribbean Coast is a fantastic fall getaway for many people from the northern hemisphere. Just as the temperatures begin to fall for the runup to the winter months, the Costa Rican Caribbean is the perfect place to feel the tropical summer sun to the vibes of calypso, palm-tree-lined beaches, and the amazing Afro-Caribbean, seafood-inspired cuisine that will warm your heart and soul.

As In Style Magazine put it:  Puerto Viejo, the best option for fall travel

“Ten affordable places to travel this fall” is the title of the article in In Style magazine. “This season is a good time in terms of weather to visit this part of Costa Rica as it is in the Caribbean and is cooler and drier than the Pacific,” the publication points out, adding that it is an ideal place for wellness tourism. Puerto Viejo is where Le Cameleon Boutique Hotel is located. We take care of every detail to make your stay the experience you deserve and where you will witness that ¨every day is a new day¨.

Le Cameleon Hotel, an Enchanting Hotel on the Caribbean

Puerto Viejo Summer

Puerto Viejo is a small, seaside town on the southern corner of the Caribbean coast and is world-famous for surfing, beach partying, and fantastic food!  The town and its surroundings are a melting pot of cultures too, further enriching the Caribbean summer months, gastronomical experiences, and its unique vibe.

The Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica is also the location of two of Enchanting Hotels of Costa Rica boutique hotels too.

Le Cameleón Boutique Hotel is located just south of Puerto Viejo and sits directly on the picturesque Cocles Beach.  This beautiful hotel boasts the perfect wellness, romantic and close-to-nature luxury getaway during your visit to the Caribbean Sea.

Its slogan “Every day is a new day”, just like the colors of the Chameleon, is an invitation to treat each day with the incredible opportunities and possibilities it offers and to live and enjoy them to the fullest.  Whether that is to try something new, like surfing, or to just live in the moment and inhale the intense natural beauty that surrounds you, you decide what your new day looks like.

Manatus Hotel is luxury in the heart of the Tortuguero jungle.

North Caribbean Paradise

On the northern Caribbean Coast, the coastal scenery changes dramatically from the southern corner, ensuring a change in vibe, focus, and activities. While different, both coastal areas are definitely worth a visit and an opportunity to live two diverse experiences that will be unforgettable!

The northern Caribbean coast is home to one of the most spectacular nature wonderlands in the form of rainforest-laden water canals, long, wild coastline, and a sleepy vibe.  This is a nature-lovers paradise, and it is called Tortuguero.  To make a Caribbean summer even better, September and October are also good months to witness the green sea turtle’s arrival and their yearly nesting ceremony.

Explore the water canals in rain-free summer!

Tortuguero Summer

Tortuguero is also home to Manatus Hotel, an Enchanting Hotels of Costa Rica.  This is the best full-board VIP hotel in Tortuguero that combines the exotic wildlife of Tortuguero with the luxury and comfort of a wonderful hotel.  The daily rate also includes tours depending on the number of nights you stay at this beautiful hotel nestled into the rainforest and facing the water canals.

A tour along the water canals is a true close-to-nature experience and the perfect opportunity to see lots of wildlife including birds, crocodiles, monkeys, sloths, and lots more.  It is a slow-paced vibe here and where the water canals and their immense beauty are the main protagonists of this natural paradise.

The Costa Rica Caribbean Coast is a place of incredible diversity in nature, in gastronomy, in vibes, and in experiences.  What the north and the south have in common is that September and October are the sunniest months of the year and the perfect getaway for fall.  Enchanting Hotels would love to be part of your vacation planning in Costa Rica. With the best hotels in the most beautiful parts of Costa Rica!

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