Yoga poses on the beach

Yoga on the beach
Practicing yoga outdoors has many benefits, especially at the beach. In addition to beautiful scenery and fresh air, it takes balance, concentration and strength to hold yoga poses in the sand, so you get more of a workout.

Here are six reasons why yoga is fun on the beach, from Nancy Goodfellow, resident yoga instructor and co-owner of Pranamar Oceanfront Villas & Yoga Retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

1. You tune into nature. Sunshine, sand, salt air and fresh breezes are invigorating.Yoga tree pose on beach

2. It’s relaxing at the beach. The sound of waves and seabirds, soft wind, and warm sand all have a calming effect. Doing yoga at sunrise or sunset on the beach adds an extra gentleness.

3. Rhythm of waves and breath. One of the most important elements of yoga is breathing – stimulating calmness and giving your muscles oxygen. The sound of ocean waves mirrors the sound of deep breathing. Fresh ocean air cleans out your lungs and gives you an energy boost, along with the positive vibes from negative ions.

4. Challenge your balance. Practice doing yoga poses on unsteady sand, and you’ll soon find a whole new level of balance and stability you didn’t know you had.

5. No mats needed! Sand is much softer and more shock-absorbent than a wooden or ceramic floor. It is gentler on your joints and a good cushion for practicing challenging postures like handstands or crow.

6. You can go for a swim afterward!

Santa Teresa Beach at Pranamar Villas

Costa Rica beach resorts for yoga

Yoga on beachAt the beachfront Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, hotel Pranamar Villas, you have the best of both worlds for practicing yoga. Yoga in Costa Rica and yoga retreats at Pranamar Villas are held in their stunning open-air Yoga Shala, looking out to the blue Pacific Ocean, palm trees and white sand. Step outside and you are right on the beach.

Pranamar Oceanfront Villas & Yoga Retreat holds daily yoga classes open to hotel guests and the public. International yoga retreats are open to anyone to join. Private and semi-private classes may be scheduled at any time.

Article by Shannon Farley

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