August 2011

Honeymoons in Costa Rica: Santa Teresa Beach

How can we describe a honeymoon? There are some many words and ways to describe it, some people say is the most romantic experience of their lives, some others say is a holiday taken by the ¨just married¨ couples; the perfect chance to escape from everything and take a vacation. At the end of the...
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San Jose´s Lung: La Sabana

¨La Sabana¨ well known signature of San Jose´s downtown. This park is the biggest and most important urban park in the country. Covers an area of 72 Ha and has been the recreational and sports space for many Costa Ricans during decades. Officially name ¨La Sabana Metropolitan Park¨, this place represents the green space of...
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Arenal-Fortuna: the absolute destination in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica you can find a big number of places to visit, those are usually divided by tourist regions; among the most popular can be found Monteverde, Manuel Antonio and La Fortuna. This time let´s focus on La Fortuna – Arenal area. The history of the area began around the 1930´s, when the first...
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