Costa Rica is a very popular touristic destination within the Americas and the world. During the past few years it has been gaining important spots in different markets, thanks to all the richness and beauty offered by the country.

This popularity has increased in specific markets, for example, the weddings and honeymoon tourism, which is focused mainly on beach destinations and complementary services for this type of visitors, even though, other kind of destinations such as mountains and volcanoes are also chosen to hold these ceremonies.

Weddings have been always a very important event, they are usually held in big salons with hundreds of guests and fancy clothes, with lots of decoration and many hours of planning.  However, things have changed and the new trends have come with destination weddings, creating a complete different atmosphere from the traditional ceremonies.

This trend has become popular with the years and Costa Rica has been the choice for many of those couples that wanted to innovate and make their wedding day a unique and unforgettable experience.

The country brings natural beauty, with rainforests, volcanoes, waterfalls, stunning beaches and an endless number of attractions. It also offers a big range of options in accommodation and venue areas, where you can find almost anything, from rustic cozy cabins to luxury 5-stars resorts, to fit all preferences.  All these reasons have helped visitors to plan intimate weddings in beautiful locations, starting to enjoy their honeymoon as soon as they land in the country.

Being an increasingly popular place for destination weddings, Costa Rica can definitely have a good option for anyone. The development of wedding market is making easier the planning of the events in the country. The number of resorts and hotels offering wedding services and packages is getting bigger every day, giving special attention to these customers and trying to exceed their expectations. On this same page, is important to highlight that most weddings take place in coasts, especially in Pacific Coast, thanks to the increasing of tourism activities and infrastructure.

The beautiful beaches in the Pacific give a good range of options to hold a dream wedding, for example, in Mal País/Santa Teresa area some hotels are already specializing in these services, giving an added value to the wedding, a secluded, tropical paradise off the beaten track. The beach in this area has been called one of the top ten most beautiful beaches in the world, and the big development of tourism has not yet come, so the privacy and charm of the tropical forest, the warm ocean breezes, crashing waves and the unique sunsets can be enjoy by couples and its friends, immersing everyone in an memorable experience.

Tropico Latino is a beach front resort located in this area, which features ¨All Inclusive Weddings¨, giving a unique essence with its lush tropical gardens, colorful butterflies, birds and monkeys. The hotel offers a complete and first class service, collaborating with the life time experience that every bride and groom is looking for.

Costa Rica is definitely a special place to have your wedding, and you will probably find the planning much less stressful than you might have expected. Enjoy, relax and explore what Costa Rica, gives you!!

By Maricel/Tropico Latino

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