Del Mar Surfing Academy Kids' Surf Club in Costa Rica

If you live anywhere near the ocean, even if you don’t surf, teaching your kids to surf is a great confidence booster that lets them learn a fantastic sport that brings enjoyment to all who do it.

Del Mar Surfing Academy Kids' Surf Club is fun!In surfing hotspot Costa Rica, at Jaco Beach on the Central Pacific Coast, Del Mar Surfing Academy is starting off the new 2012 surf season with Saturday Kids’ Surf Club. Their motto is “Perfect Saturday Fun!”

Del Mar Surfing Academy Kids' Club teaches surf skillsKids, ages 3 to 8, can take 4 classes per month, every Saturday, that focus on either surfing skills or Capoeira skills (depending on the tides & weather that day). For surfing, kids will warm up together as a group on the beach and then have one-on-one instruction in the water with a coach. Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art, usually performed in pairs or a small group, that combines elements of dance, music and quick complex martial arts moves. Kids will learn about movement, music and teamwork.

Give kids the gift of surfing with Del Mar Surfing Academy Kids' ClubKids’ Surf Club is by membership only; membership costs $35 per month per child. Teaching kids surfing when they are young gives them great fitness training, improves their health and confidence, and is an excellent opportunity to learn dedication, effort and passion. Parents, bring your kids, hang out and have fun too!

Del Mar Surfing Academy’s Kids’ Surf Club is held at the beach in front of Club del Mar at the south end of Jaco beach. Contact “Head Surf Mama” Bettina del Rio at Del Mar Surf Academy at 506-2643-3197 or

Del Mar Surfing Academy provides safe and memorable vacations with the healthy and active lifestyle of surfing. They offer day and week-long surf camps exclusively for kids and teens. Del Mar Surfing Academy is the sister company of long-running Del Mar Surf Camp for adults in Costa Rica.

Give your children the opportunity to learn to surf. The coolest present ever!

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