Going deep into the Lost Canyon on a Costa Rica canyoneering adventure

Canyoning tour with Desafio Adventures

Canyoneering in Arenal Costa Rica
Part mountaineering and part rock climbing, but in reverse, with the added challenge of pounding water, the waterfall rappelling extreme sport of canyoneering is the latest top popular adventure tour in Costa Rica.

Canyoneering waterfall in Arenal Costa RicaOne of the best places for canyoneering, also called canyoning, is by the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica. The rugged, mountainous rainforest around the popular volcano is ideal for canyoning in Costa Rica.

Operated by Desafio Adventure Company, the Lost Canyon Canyoning Tour at Arenal is a must for adventure junkies and thrill-seekers. Deep in the Costa Rican rainforest, the Lost Canyon got its name when Desafio owners Suresh and Christine Krishnan were exploring the beautiful canyon on the outskirts of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest at Arenal that was so “lost” it wasn’t even on the topographical maps at the time.

You don’t need experience for this canyoning tour; just a good sense of adventure and good physical condition. What’s involved? You will hike through the rainforest, get drenched rappelling down huge tropical waterfalls – the largest is almost 200-feet-high, navigate the natural obstacle course of a river canyon, jump into refreshing pools, slip down natural water slides and splash in pure rainforest water. When you’re done, the tour serves you a great typical Costa Rican lunch at their café.

Professional guides thoroughly explain important rappelling and down-climbing techniques, along with safety procedures before you start. You will use high-quality technical climbing gear, like Edelrid helmets and Sit Work harnesses. All rappels are controlled by guides.

Canyoneering waterfall rappeling in Arenal Costa RicaThere are four rappels on the tour, including the first confidence-building 10-foot drop aptly named “Baby”, the 150-foot waterfall known as “Big Boy”, and a guided rappel and guided free-fall drop down a 200-foot majestic cascade. Feel the adrenaline surge! A photographer accompanies all trips, and during lunch after the tour, you can review the photos for purchase.

Desafio also combines Lost Canyon Canyoneering with horseback riding to the La Fortuna Waterfall or whitewater rafting; or you can do a private canyoneering tour. Extreme adventure enthusiasts will want to also try the new Gravity Falls Jumping Canyon Rainforest Adventure Course – an intense canyoning tour that involves rappelling and some waterfall jumps.

Desafio Adventure Company is an owner-operated, family business that operates Costa Rica adventure tours in Arenal of whitewater rafting, canyoneering, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking, as well as activities in other popular Costa Rica destinations.

Article by Shannon Farley

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