Enjoy an Arenal safari float adventure on the Penas Blancas River in Costa Rica

The neat thing about river rafting is that you get to see parts of the country that otherwise go unnoticed.

Experience the hidden gorgeous beauty of the Penas Blancas River in Costa RicaThe Peñas Blancas River in north central Costa Rica is a good example. The clear tropical river runs through the Tilaran Mountain Range, fed by pristine waters of the Monteverde cloud forest, and converges with the San Carlos River east of Arenal Volcano. While most tourists flock to the area for the famous cone-shaped Arenal Volcano, its hot springs, and the main town of La Fortuna, few experience the magical charm of drifting leisurely through lush rainforest hidden from the world on a long, winding river.

Enjoy a peaceful rafting cruise down the Penas Blancas River in Costa RicaThe Peñas Blancas River is a real scenic adventure. Most travelers enjoy a calm “safari float” trip to see the abundant wildlife and splendid forest and landscape, however there are rafting trips in Class II-IV whitewater on other sections of the river.

Just 20 minutes from La Fortuna, this mellow, slow-flowing section of the Peñas Blancas River is mesmerizingly peaceful. You are somewhat active, having to paddle every now and again to help your guide direct your inflatable raft more easily, so it’s not all sloth. However, keep your eyes on the passing rainforest and chances are high you will See an abundance of wildlife on the Penas Blancas River float tripactually see a sloth, along with howler and white-faced monkeys, iguanas and other lizards, river turtles and a plentitude of colorful tropical birds. The crocodiles, though relatively small, always make me a little bit nervous as they duck in the water when you cruise past. I always wonder, “Just where did they go?” But they never fail to simply disappear and keep a respectful distance.

The Arenal Safari Floating trip on the Peñas Blancas River is a great family half-day tour in the Arenal area. Your professional guide will teach you all about the wildlife, plants and history of the river. Make sure to bring your camera and binoculars! There’s even a stop mExperience life of a traditional Costa Rican family on the Penas Blancas River tripid-river cruise to visit a local Costa Rican family living along the river bank, to learn about traditional ways of life in the area. This is where I first learned you can rub the material of those big, brown termite mounds on your skin as a natural insect repellent. It smells citrusy like citronella oil, and it works!

Valle Dorado Tours offers its Arenal Safari Floating trip on the Peñas Blancas River twice a day – in the morning and again in the afternoon. The 4-hour trip is an excellent one-day tour in the Arenal area, and perfect if you have limited time or just want an easy half-day activity.

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By Shannon Farley

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