Costa Rica national park Tortuguero

Tortuguero is the perfect winter escape destination where the greens of Costa Rica warm your heart and soul.  Manatus Costa Rica, Tortuguero’s, best eco-luxury lodge is the perfect place to stay.  Immersed in the lush jungle that borders the water canals that wind along the Caribbean Coast lowlands, this is a green holiday where the sun shines!

Escape the white of winter and embrace the greens of Costa Rica for a holiday season that is close to nature and warms your heart and soul.  Manatus Costa Rica, hidden in the rainforest laden water canals in Costa Rica is the perfect destination for a green holiday where the sun shines.

Manatus Costa Rica is located on the far northern Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica which is only accessible by boat as instead of busy roads, you will find beautiful water canals that wind through the coastal lowlands and that are home to some amazing wildlife to keep you entertained as you explore these abundant channels.

Kayaking in Tortuguero Costa Rica is awesome way to feel the canals

Just a short plane ride away!

Because of its privileged location in the world, Costa Rica not only has spectacular, warm weather all year round, it is also just a short plane ride to get here.  There are flights from all the major hubs in North America and also a variety of direct flights from Europe so escaping the winter has never been easier!

Tortuguero can be also reached by a short plane ride from the international airport so if you prefer to enjoy Costa Rica from above, this is an excellent option. For the land travelers, the trip to Tortuguero is part of the adventure!

A drive over the majestic Central Mountain range and through the Braulio Carrillo National Park, a spectacular, dense rainforest that covers the steep mountains, before reaching the warm, Caribbean lowlands. This rich, agricultural farmlands and small towns accompany you before reaching the river canals that will glide you to Tortuguero.

Year-round summer

Did we mention that Costa Rica has really great weather!? These wonderful year-round summer and a number of micro-climates are the result of the impressive forest laden volcanic mountain ranges, the rich coastal lowlands and the oceanic winds from the Pacific and the Atlantic.

Cooler weather happens during the afternoon tropical bursts of rainfall that refresh and revive, making the rainforest greener and the water shimmer.  That afternoon coffee is richer too while contemplating the canal and its beauty.

So while white rules in the north during the winter, in Tortuguero, the greens and the blues are the colors of the season and the only cold is that sipping on that refreshing Costa Rican beer or fresh fruit smoothie. After a day of adventure on the canals checking out the animals of the rainforest and their tropical vibe, this type of cold is welcomed!

Learn the tricks of tropical life from the experts!

The Tortuguero wildlife residents will certainly show you the tricks when it comes to a laid back summer lifestyle!  Those sloths that just hang off the tree branches and sleep or munch on leaves know how to live a stress-free, tropical life.  Even the sly, caimans that glide effortlessly through the water or bask in the sun are good at enjoying the warmth of the day.

And the great thing about Tortuguero and its relative seclusion from the holiday season rush, this is the perfect place to relax and get away from it all and embrace nature and its serenity.  It is the perfect place to detox and defrost too!

Green is the favorite color in Tortuguero

Green  Holidays in Style!

Manatus Costa Rica is your hotel of choice when deciding on your green holiday getaway in Tortuguero. With the best amenities including air conditioning and the only gourmet restaurant in the area, this is the place to warm up and embrace paradise.

So, enjoy some delicious gourmet dishes with their Afro-Caribbean flavors that the fantastic chef’s fusion with flair and creativity in the open-air restaurant that overlooks the water canals that the hotel sits on.   Where better than to inhale the warmth of Tortuguero than having a drink with dinner immersed in the comfort of Manatus Costa Rica.

When you come to Tortuguero, you invariably take on the slower tempo that characterizes this little corner of Costa Rica. It may be because of the flow of the canals or the dancing branches of the rainforest trees but where better to recharge your batteries with the tropical sun surrounded by nature and its beauty.

So, pack light as you will need your summer gear only in Tortuguero.  Shorts, sandals, sunhat and short-sleeved shirts and you are ready to go!  Come and escape white of winter to the greens of Costa Rica.   A green holiday is the new white holiday! See you soon.

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