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US elections 2016

Looking to leave if the US 2016 election ends badly? Here’s where to go and why.

If the craziness surrounding the US 2016 election has you a little anxious about the outcome, you may be looking for an easy escape route come 2017. Every election, especially a controversial one, thousands of Americans threaten to leave the United States if the “wrong” candidate becomes president. As anxieties about the outcome of 2016...
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Travel the world

Travel agents & airlines inspired by Costa Rica travel

In these digital times, with the internet flooded with travel websites, it’s easy to think that no one needs travel agents anymore. But in fact, travel specialists have become more important than ever for people who want personalized service and luxurious touches on their trips. The continued popularity of travel agents was evidenced by the...
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Costa Rica grows as medical tourism destination

As healthcare costs skyrocket in top nations around the globe, many people are going on sick leave and vacation at the same time. The world medical tourism industry has become a $10.5 billion business based on the availability of high-quality medical services at reasonable rates in many developing countries. Patients are traveling abroad not only...
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Sloth at Portasol in Costa Rica is protected by environmental law

Costa Rica leads the Americas in environmental performance

The world’s environmental grades have been posted by Yale University. So, which countries are really “walking the talk” with their national environmental policies and actions? European nations are at the top of the world class, with a lone contender from the Americas – Costa Rica, placing 5th best in the world for its environmental performance,...
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Costa Rica's green space may boost your happiness

Boost your well-being in Costa Rica's green space

Would you be happier living in a greener area? A UK study says you would. New research from the University of Exeter Medical School and the European Centre for Environment & Human Health in England has found that “people living in urban areas with more green space tend to report greater well-being than city dwellers...
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New flights to Costa Rica mean more tourists

Costa Rica is favored by top airlines with new flights

For Costa Rica Tourism Minister Allan Flores, the news of more and more international airlines announcing new routes or more flights to Costa Rica shows the huge success of efforts by the Costa Rican National Tourism Board to attract more airlines and flights to the country from Costa Rica’s key international tourism markets. “This news...
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