Golf in Costa Rica

Where to go golfing near Atenas Costa Rica

Whether you are thinking to live in Atenas, Costa Rica, are visiting Atenas in one of the many vacation homes, or have already moved to Costa Rica, you can find many things to do. Within an hour’s drive of Atenas, you can enjoy a round of nine or 18 holes of golf in Costa Rica...
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Atenas Costa Rica farmers' market

The famous Friday Farmers’ Market in Atenas Costa Rica

It is a Friday morning in my little mountain coffee town of Atenas, Costa Rica. The traditional Friday Farmers’ Market, called a “feria” in Spanish, is abuzz with shoppers and vendors. Mounds of mangoes, melons, watermelon, pineapples and a myriad of other fruits juicily beckon buyers. Crisp lettuces, spinach, cilantro and other greens glisten with...
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Pets - airline travel for dogs

What to do to bring your dog or cat to live in Costa Rica

You have bought your dream house in Costa Rica; or, you’ve secured the ideal rental while you check out the country as a place to live. You are checking your packing list for the big move to Costa Rica – what about Fido or Fluffy? A lot of people who move to Costa Rica bring...
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Atenas Costa Rica

Is it true? Does Atenas Costa Rica have the best climate in the world?

Saying that you have “The Best Climate in the World” is quite a claim. The little town of Atenas Costa Rica, nevertheless has stepped up and asserted that it has the best climate in the world. The motto is plastered across the backs of all buses in Atenas, on a few billboards, and even graces...
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Atenas Costa Rica homes

Find out why people love living in Atenas Costa Rica

There are as many reasons for moving to Costa Rica as there are foreign residents living here. Every year, millions of tourists come to Costa Rica on vacation. Some choose to stay longer and make the leap to move here permanently. The small, country town of Atenas Costa Rica, is one of the leading places...
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