The National Geographic Flag in Manatus Hotel

National Geographic Flag


This is the only hotel in Central America that displays this special flag with a lot of pride. It was given due to the participation in the research to protect the manatees in Tortuguero, Costa Rica. This project was managed by National Geographic’s researchers back in the ’90s.  And they stayed and took the premises as a base for the study of the manatees.

Tortuguero is a very well-conserved area, much like a paradise that has rivers, canals, and swamps. This is the main attraction for everyone – “Ticos” and visitors.

Turtles Tortuguero

Located in the tropical Caribbean region, Tortuguero is one of the protected zones with the most ecological habitats. And don’t forget the turtles that are so plentiful they have given the name to this beautiful vacation destination.

Where Are the Manatees?

These are endangered creatures! The tours to watch manatees in their habitat are prohibited, but if you are really lucky, you might see one during the boat tours provided by the hotel. They live between the rainforest and the coast, in a small number of families in the swamps.

There are three main types of manatees, or sea cows, in the world: the Amazonian manatee, the African manatee and the Caribbean manatee; this last one enjoys the waters and the aquatic pasture of  Tortuguero.

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