Travel smart: Use a travel agent for tailor-made vacations

Travel agents connect you to world destinations

A friend of mine is a consummate travel fanatic. She’s traveled all over the world and knows the ins and outs of internet travel websites like nobody’s business. Nevertheless, she still uses a local travel agent whenever she plans her family’s holidays. Going to Ecuador? She contacts a travel expert in Ecuador. Going to the Baltics? She used an agency specializing in the region. Going to Chile? Same thing.

Why? and otherUse a travel agency like Team CRT to book your Costa Rica vacation travel market experts say there has been a major shift in recent years in consumers returning to booking trips with a travel agency and trusted agent. In the age of zillions of internet business options at our fingertips, people turn to travel agents because it’s “simpler, faster and more efficient than most online booking processes.”

A travel agent does the hours of research for you and provides much more value and information than if you simply booked your trip online on your own.  Choose an agency with expertise in the area where you’re going and you have a wealth of insider information. Plus, if something should go wrong … your flights are delayed, a problem with your hotel, etc. … a reputable travel agent will take care of it. I’ve spent days poring over hotel websites and TripAdvisor reviews trying to choose a place to stay, and in the end went with a recommendation by a travel agent. I finally just wanted to talk to a real person, tell them what I was looking for and have them tell me where to go. The relief was instantaneous having a travel agent’s help.

Experience Costa Rica with Team CRT tour operatorIn Costa Rica, Team CRT gives you expert guidance and personalized service while they help craft your tailor-made trip to the Central American paradise. Tell them what you want and Team CRT designs your dream vacation for you. With more than 20 years of experience on the ground in Costa Rica travel, Team CRT knows the best hotels, off-the-beaten-track activities, most popular things to do and see, and they personalize it for you. Instead of a “lifeless” website, you’ll be in the hands of well-experienced and professionally-trained agents.

Whether you just want a travel agent to hTeam CRT will take you to paradise beaches like this in Costa Ricaelp you choose where to stay, where to go, and things to do, or if you want a full tour operator to take care of complete details, Team CRT can do both. Team CRT specializes in “unforgettable memories” tailoring vacation packages, beach destinations, nature tours, adventure tours, relaxation vacations, family vacations, honeymoons, Fly & Drive packages, sport fishing trips, golf vacations, and gay & lesbian travel. The agency maintains an up-to-date extensive database of the top hotels, tours and transportation for your Costa Rica holiday.

See the Costa Rica rainforest on holiday with Team CRT travel agencyYou save time and money having a travel agent handle your vacation bookings. And since the agents, in effect, work for you and not the suppliers, they do their best to make sure you are happy and satisfied.

Costa Rica’s amazing natural attractions, of course, make it an incomparable vacation destination. You’re in paradise here in the tropics with lush rainforest, active volcanoes, spectacular mountain ranges and valleys, and endless beaches on both the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Team CRT also can arrange for an extension trip of several days to nearby Panama City and colonial Nicaragua.

By Shannon Farley

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