Tortuguero Costa Rica; where digital detox is preferred..


Manatus Hotel at Tortuguero has all the characteristics to make you want to digital detox for a few days. This small sanctuary offers a rainforest experience where you won’t find cars as the highways are jungle laden waterways and the sounds are the orchestra of animal noises that inhabit this magnificent paradise. Tortuguero in Costa Rica is where a digital detox is preferred. The immersion into the beauty of the rainforest means you will want to turn off your phone and email and just live the sights and sounds of this treasure. 

Tortuguero is hidden away on the far northern Caribbean coast and is reachable by boat or plane only. In this part of the world, the waterways rule and the trip to get there is part of the adventure. The boat rides through the rainforest sided channels set the scene for Tortuguero and your close to nature experience.

They say the best way to do a digital detox is to go somewhere unfamiliar and where you are not in your comfort zone.  The experts also say that getting close to nature and where the opportunities to explore abound make disconnecting from the digital world for a bit, easier as there is so much to see and do.  This is where Manatus Hotel at Tortuguero becomes a perfect place as it is nature, adventure, luxury, new experiences wrapped up into one.

Manatus Hotel is luxury in the heart of the Tortuguero jungle.

So what is the Tortuguero Experience?

 Firstly, let’s set the scene for this little corner of the world. Tortuguero is a convergence of lush rainforest, long stretches of wild coastline, biodiversity in its maximum expression, wide open canals and marshy lowlands. Dotted along the canals banks, you will find the small, colorful town of Tortuguero rich in cultural diversity and small hotels including Manatus Lodge, which is eco-luxury at its best. Sounds awesome, right?

 So, when you wake up to the sights and sounds of the rainforest and the canals right outside your room, it inspires you to put your phone down, lie back and absorb your surroundings where time takes on a whole new meaning. The bursts of green, the calm canal waters, the sound of the crashing waves and singing birds introduce you to a new day of adventure in this tropical sanctuary.

Kayaking in Tortuguero Costa Rica is an awesome way to feel the canals

 The Tortuguero Experience in Luxury

 Manatus Hotel is luxury in the heart of the Tortuguero jungle.  With all the modern facilities such as A/C, Wi-FI, Cable TV to guarantee comfort in this magical destination, it also offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of the rainforest that envelopes the property. No need for digital inspiration where you can spend your day in awe of such beauty.  

 The Manatus experience is sensorial as you will live the sights, sounds, textures, aromas, and flavors of the Caribbean Coast in comfort and tranquility.  The Ara Macaw gourmet restaurant introduces you to the unique fusion of Afro-Caribbean cuisine with its exotic spices and coconut-based dishes.  This internationally designed menu fits perfectly into the verdant green surrounds overlooking the canals. 

 In-between savoring all the mouthwatering dishes, the possibilities of touring the winding canals will keep you focused on the wonders of nature and creating a deep connection with this new and exciting ecosystem.  The rainforest is full of animals that live peacefully in their protected home and to see a diversity of wildlife up close and in their natural habitat is an experience like no other.

Manatus-Tortguero-digital-detox-is-the preferred-choice
The Ara Macaw gourmet restaurant introduces you to the unique fusion of Afro-Caribbean cuisine with its exotic spices and coconut-based dishes

Manatus Hotel offers it’s guest’s adventure tours that will hit your reset button and with no desire to check your social media.   Just imagine yourself spotting sleepy sloths, snacking monkeys, sunbaking crocodiles or singing birds as your experienced guides take you through the calm canals exploring the tree-covered inlets and dense rainforest. All you have to do is sit back in comfort and take it all in.  You won´t want to miss a moment.

If you would like to take the adventure to a new level and see the rainforest from a different perspective, a zip lining tour through the jungle canopy might be your adrenaline rush activity of preference.  During this exhilarating adventure, your hands will be connected to your harness as your whip along the cables admiring the forest from above. No photo or selfie will do this activity justice. This is you connecting with nature at the moment and an opportunity to embrace the interaction with the real world.

Manatus Hotel and Tortuguero are digital detox friendly places. While you do have modern communication accessibility, when you live the Tortuguero experience and the luxury touches Manatus adds to it, the need for digital connection becomes secondary.   The deep connection with nature that you feel during your stay becomes more rewarding than the desire for likes and this makes Tortuguero so magical. This beautiful place will make a few days of digital detox easier than you may think.

Manatus Hotel looks forward to hearing from you. The opportunity to disconnect from the daily digital rush and get close to nature in the most amazing ways is where Manatus and Tortuguero become your allies.  See you soon!





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