Costa Rican Cuisine Hits International Foodie Scene

Santa Teresa chef Randy Siles at Hotel Tropico Latino shows off the new style of sustainable Costa Rican cuisine to the world.

Costa Rica is popular worldwide as an adventure, nature and eco-tourism destination. Lately, there is also a rich foodie culture spreading across this top vacation spot.

In one of the Blue Zones of the world where people live longer, healthier and happier lives, Costa Rican chef Randy Siles is creating innovative, original Costa Rican cuisine that emphasizes freshness and sustainability.

The international award-winning chef is based at Hotel Tropico Latino in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. The hotel is the flagship for Costa Rica’s National Plan for Sustainable and Healthy Gastronomy, for which Siles is the country’s ambassador. He travels around the world representing Costa Rican cuisine at international travel shows like the New York Times Travel Show in January 2017 and­ the Food and Wine Festival in Miami in February 2017.

Chef Randy Siles Hotel Tropico Latino Costa Rica
Chef Randy Siles at Hotel Tropico Latino focuses on sustainable Costa Rican cuisine using native produce and products that is organic and local.

Siles focuses on sustainability in his menu for the hotel’s Shambala Restaurant by using native produce and products and buying locally as much as possible, especially organic. He mixes new and traditional techniques in a unique fusion style called “Author’s Cuisine”.

“We have the freshest products here in Costa Rica – fish from two oceans and thousands of rivers, fresh vegetables and fruits, and fresh meats farmed locally. Our climate allows us to grow anything and everything,” explains Siles.

Hotel Tropico Latino restaurant Costa Rica
Chef Randy Siles creates delicious, innovative Costa Rican cuisine at Hotel Tropico Latino on the beach in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.

Hotel Tropico Latino’s restaurant offers beachfront dining in Santa Teresa, serving a unique mix of high quality local fish, meats, and vegetarian dishes. Siles tailors his menu toward the active, healthy lifestyle that Hotel Tropico Latino promotes with its yoga classes, surf retreats, and natural spa. The restaurant is open to the public for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hotel Tropico Latino Santa Teresa Costa Rica
Enjoy beachfront dining in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica at Hotel Tropico Latino.

Now in September and October, Hotel Tropico Latino is offering big savings of 30% off room rates. It’s the perfect opportunity for a much-needed vacation in Costa Rica or a quick getaway. Costa Rica beach vacations in green season are the best … fewer crowds, great deals, and still plenty of sunshine.

Article by Shannon Farley

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