Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge


Last month I had the chance to visit an exceptional place in Costa Rica. It was my first time in the area but definitely not the last. I packed my stuff and got ready to start this new adventure with direction to South Pacific, specifically in Osa Peninsula.

My journey began at the SANSA Terminal in Alajuela where I took my domestic flight to Puerto Jimenez which took me there in around 45 minutes, arriving around 1:30 pm on a Sunday. When I arrived it was cloudy and raining a little, something already expected based on the time of the year, August.

I waited for a few minutes until a taxi picked me up and took me to the boats dock, where I took the boat that will finally take me to somewhere really close to a natural paradise: Playa Nicuesa Rainforest Lodge.

My two nights stay started with a very warm welcome of the hotel staff. From the very beginning I started learning things and recording thousands of images in my head, while one member of the staff was showing me the facilities and giving some helpful advices about how to behave in the middle of the jungle.

Then, I enjoy a really good pineapple smoothie, perfect for refreshing from the heat and humidity of the area, after checking some other parts of the hotel I had a very delicious and healthy lunch, a big chicken ¨chalupa¨. I needed some rest after the trip, so I went to my room, change clothes and had a small nap.

I stayed at the Mango House, on the second floor, at the Banano Room. The rooms are basically made out of wood, you can´t enter the room with shoes in order to preserve the quality of the wood. The bathroom is big and the shower is open to nature, so you can hear the sounds of the animals and get the real contact with everything surrounding you. The big balcony facing the jungle is the perfect view to relax and just read a book like I did.

After getting some rest, I prepare myself for a yoga class; I walked to the yoga deck located right in front of the beach and started the class with my instructor Katherine and a Swiss lady. Love the yoga class it was really refreshing and relaxing, but wait! There is a history behind this; by the end of the class while we were meditating, a tropical storm with very heavy rain and wind started, we have to run away from the yoga deck to the hotel reception, by that time I was completely wet, what an experience!! It was crazy, I´ve never seen sometime like that.

I got ready for dinner which I enjoyed a lot since I had the chance to chat with a very friendly Swiss couple and share with the hotel staff. There is one big table so everyone can gather, enjoy dinner and have some good time, the atmosphere is really nice. After dinner I went to my bedroom to get some sleep. I had a good and long day ahead.

The next morning I had planned a Gulf Tour which surrounded Golfo Dulce, the guide spotted many different birds, that unfortunately I can´t remember all the names, but there were a lot, we also had the chance to spot some snakes, crocodiles and a couple of cute dolphins. The weather was perfect it was sunny and fresh.

During the afternoon I had lunch, enjoy the beach for a while and took a shower again, since the temperature went up. After having some rest and went snorkeling to one of the reefs in the area, I love the experience since I have never done it before.

I got back to the hotel and immediately got ready for my second yoga class, this time no tropical storm or something like that, a very relaxing and nice class. I took the third shower of the day and got ready for dinner, this time I was the only guest.

I had some delicious piña colada cocktails and then have dinner with staff members who by the way made me feel really good and welcome. I went to bed and enjoy the last night listening to the sounds of the jungle, until finally fell asleep very comfortable.

The last morning I had my time to do the last yoga class, enjoy breakfast and swim for a while. I needed to be ready by 11:30 am, so I packed my stuff and took the boat towards Golfito, where my flight was waiting for me.

This was a really wonderful experience; the place is absolutely amazing, you can definitely get immersed into a real paradise of nature.  If you are planning to visit Costa Rica, this is agreat spot! Check the photos below!

By Maricel

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