Yoga instructor Nancy Goodfellow at Pranamar Villas on Santa Teresa Beach, Costa Rica

Nancy Goodfellow

Nancy co-owns Pranamar Villas, along with her mother, who was the first of the two to discover the natural beauty of Costa Rica.  Native to San Diego, California, Nancy moved to Costa Rica over 20 years ago in search of a simpler life in connection with nature.

With the objective of catering to needs of yoga students searching for a group experience in a setting in tune with Nature, Pranamar was born.  The yoga studio is the centerpiece of the hotel, and the property was designed to bring people together in an intimate setting.

Prana is the Sanskrit word for “life force” or energy, in Sanskrit.  Pranama in Indian culture is a respectful salutation, bowing in reverence to another.  These beautiful concepts combined with “mar”, the Spanish word for sea or ocean, represent the oceanfront retreat and its ideals perfectly.

Nancy Goodfellow Beach Sunset

Nancy offered some advice for novice yoga students. First she believes the person needs to decide what their desire and intentions are.  Is the person looking for strength, flexibility or meditation?  It is important to feel safe and welcome in a space that is inspiring and motivating.  Learn about different styles and speeds, and step out of your comfort zone to achieve best results.

If you’d like to take advantage of Nancy’s experience as a yoga instructor, and visit lovely Pranamar Villas, sign up for their next seven-night retreat, beginning May 21st.  Combine yoga, beach, surfing, fine dining, spa and more into the perfect holiday.

Embracing Totality Yoga Retreat

Article by Katie Widdowson

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