One of Costa Rica’s most iconic landmarks is definitely the Poas Volcano. According to the history books, Poas Volcano was one of Costa Rica`s first tourist spots thanks to its proximity to the capital city, the possibility to see it and feel it up close and its beauty as you wind up through its rich, agricultural laden slopes.  It is also home to a Costa Rican gem called Poas Volcano Lodge which is warmly nestled into the mountainside.  This is exploring Costa Rica from above in excellence.

Poas Volcano Lodge is an eco-luxury, cozy mountain lodge that is surrounded by farmland, a cloud rainforest and spectacular views where ever you look.  This is a unique Costa Rican experience where you are inspired to cuddle up by the open fire, sip on a freshly brewed cup of Costa Rican coffee or hot chocolate or why not a glass of red wine.

Best of both worlds

While staying at this gorgeous mountain retreat, you will most likely feel you are miles away from the rush of city life which is magical in itself. The wonderful thing is that you are close to the city, the airport and lots of tours and activities which means you get the best of both worlds.

Poas Volcano Lodge is a distinguished member of the Enchanting Hotels Collection which is a family of small eco-friendly-luxury properties in the most beautiful parts of Costa Rica.  When you stay at Poas Volcano Lodge and the other Enchanting Hotels, you will be treated not only to a magnificent property and all its fabulous amenities, you will be part of its sustainable tourism efforts and part of the local community.

The 20-acre property boasts beautiful gardens that you can walk through while inhaling the fresh, mountain air.  You will also be treated to the amazing cloud rainforest which means you are ensured lots of mist while you wander through the lush forest which is home to many animals and birds, including the elusive Quetzal. This type of rainforest is hard to find nowadays in the world so having one in your backyard during your stay is an unforgettable experience.

Exploring-Costa Rica-from-above
Cozy rooms with a view

Costa Rica Adventure from Above

If you are adventurous and would like to explore the lodge`s surrounds, this little corner of the country won’t disappoint.  The rich volcanic soils and the altitude are the perfect ingredients for our world-famous coffee! Visit a working coffee plantation and learn about how a bright red berry becomes a roasted coffee bean.  This little berry is what Costa Rica`s modern history is created from.  A delicious Costa Rican coffee will taste and smell even better after a tour like this.

We can`t forget the majestic Poas Volcano which is the star of the show in this neck of the woods.   After many years of laying low, our favorite volcano woke up a few years ago and likes to remind us once in a while that she is alive and kicking!  A tour to look down in the crater and feel the presence of a force much greater than we can imagine is a thrill and while visits are regulated, it is well worth getting up early to say good morning to her.  It`s a once in a lifetime experience.

For the souvenir shoppers, a picturesque drive along the mountainside to the quaint little town of Sarchi is a great way to see some more of the countryside. This village is where the famous painted cartwheels are created and which the local artists are very proud about.  Stroll through the different establishments to pick up some great presents to take back home and enjoy the local artisans selling their wares.  Local hardwoods sculptured into furniture, ornaments and lots of other things are great treasures to take back home to remember your stay.

Exploring-Costa Rica-from-above
The beautiful hand-painted ox carts in Sarchi

The perfect mountain retreat with a view!

Your stay at Poas Volcano Lodge will also be memorable while relaxing in your spectacular suites. The lodge has a variety of options to fit budgets and party sizes. All the suites are exquisitely decorated with wooden accents and large windows to bring the mountain in.  Some of the rooms have balconies to feel the cool breeze and smell the forest while others have private gardens and back onto the cloud rainforest.

The lodge also has some amazing communal areas including its fantastic restaurant where you will savor homemade cooking with flair.  This fusion of Costa Rican and European dishes is the perfect way to start your day of adventure and fresh air and to finish it off too.  Imagine farm fresh milk, home-baked bread and of course an aromatic cup of Costa Rican coffee as you prepare for a fun day exploring the countryside.

Poas Volcano Lodge is the perfect mountain retreat for a weekend getaway or base camp during your stay in Costa Rica.  Discover this beautiful country from the mountains covered in cloud rainforest and spectacular views overlooking the Central Valley and the Caribbean Coast. This is a gem to be discovered and with the seal of excellence from Enchanting Hotels. Come and sense Costa Rica from above!


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