It´s 5:04 p.m. at Monteverde – What to Do with the Family?

Starting at 5:45 p.m. every day the real Cloud Forest’s biodiversity will capture you, the Night Walk at El Establo Mountain Hotel is an unique tour that your family must do on your vacation.


Lead by experienced guides who respect and conserve the beautiful wilderness, you will be amazed by everything you will know by them. Probably they will ask what suits better for you and your family. This is an outdoor activity so feel free to ask for what to bring!

Free transportation (In Monteverde)


All the nocturnal species come out and the shift begins quietly, just at twilight. The effect of this environment at noon will make you perceive everything just a little different.  Got surprised by the animals and insects and the one of the smallest orchids in the world.
Our Cloud Forest is a magical mix of weather and topography where you can even see the Guanacaste Peninsula during the tour.


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