Welcome to Pranamar Retreat on Santa Teresa Beach in beautiful Costa Rica for a wellness experience in paradise.

Wellness tourism is when your vacation is dedicated to your health and well-being.   This translates to days of relaxation, fresh, healthy food, spa treatments, walks along the beach, some spiritual and creative enlightening and living new experiences to expand your heart and soul.

Pranamar Oceanfront Villas and Yoga Retreat is located on the idyllic beach of Santa Teresa, on the southern tip of the Nicoya Peninsula where summers are eternal and sunsets are epic. White sanded beaches, a surfer’s paradise, and a signature vibe puts Santa Teresa in a place on its own.

Not only is Pranamar right on the beach, but it also offers its guests the opportunity to refresh and revive heart, body, and soul with spa treatments, a yoga shala for daily classes, a sensorial focused restaurant and lush tropical gardens surrounding the Balinese inspired villas and free form pool.  This is a wellness retreat that inspires!


Beautiful spaces to relax, renew and refresh

Wellness is inner and outer healing

According to Thrive Global, the search for a vacation place to recharge, to eat and live healthily and to fix new health and fitness goals in an experience where you “get both inner and outer healing” is becoming more and more popular for travelers.

Included in a number of best wellness retreats in Costa Rica, Pranamar Villas is not only a beautiful property, it is located in one of the trendiest beach destinations in Costa Rica where the surf and yoga vibe set the scene for a relaxing vacation.  It is also a member of the exclusive Enchanting Hotels collection that showcases the best eco-luxury boutique hotels all around Costa Rica!

This means that Pranamar not only has the perfect mix of amenities and ambiance for a vacation to relax and heal, it is also surrounded by possibilities to reach your goals when it comes to new experiences, new adventures in a healthy and balanced ambiance.

Pranamar means Vital Energy and Ocean

The hotel’s name is an indicator of what the property aspires to. “Prana” in Sanskrit means “vital energy” and “breath”. “Mar” means ocean in Spanish. What more wellness-focused that a space inspired by the uplifting energy at Pranamar.  You can`t get more wellness-focused that this philosophy and what Pranamar was based on when it was created.

One of Pranamar`s specialties is yoga whether you would like to join a daily class or be part of a yoga retreat.  The Yoga Shala is nestled into the lush, tropical gardens on the property and welcomes you to be part of the yoga energy that is so present in Pranamar.   Whether you a beginner or a teacher, Pranamar is a beautiful place for yoga, meditation, and connection with other people and with your inner self which is key to a wellness experience.

Spa treatments with views of the beach, with the sound of the waves and the freshness from the sea breezes is the perfect combination to immerse yourself into your massage and the specialized treatments the qualified therapists have prepared for you.

The range of massages and focused treatments look to stimulate, relax and restore your body and spirit from the stress and rush of daily life.  Your vacation should be a time to escape the routine and the bad habits we tend to adopt; the therapeutic benefits a massage will heal and revive especially when it is by the beach!

Costa Rican summer evenings at Pranamar Villas’ beachfront Kavit Restaurant

Wellness is healthy food and drinks

A state of vacation wellness includes the quality of the food and drink you have while relaxing.  Santa Teresa has an amazing number of wonderful eateries and has become a real foodie’s mecca.

One of these great restaurants is the one you have on the property while staying at Pranamar.  Just as Pranamar is focused on your wellbeing from a holistic perspective, the Kavita Restaurant is the fusion of fresh, locally grown fruits, vegetables, seafood and other ingredients of the highest quality converted into creative and healthy dishes.

This is casual dining and where you will perceive an Asian influence with native touches to create a culinary experience that “nourish the body and enliven the senses”. Take a seat and enjoy the food, the ambiance and the views of the gardens and the beach beyond.  It is part of the wellness experience.

Wellness is a Pranamar specialty and a favorite place for visitors of all walks of life that unite in this beautiful place to connect with others and to focus quality time and practices to achieve a balance of body, mind, and soul.  Your time may include yoga, spa treatments, relaxing by the pool, walking along the white sanded beach, inhaling the spectacular sunsets or just in quiet contemplation with the beach as your backdrop.

Pranamar is Wellness and looks forward to your visit! Come and refresh and relax in this breathtaking destination.

Article by: Georgia Atkin

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