Portasol unites paradise, social responsibility in Costa Rica

Portasol Rainforest Community near Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Paradise and social responsibility – in recent years, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become a buzzword in mainstream tourism all over the world. Travelers are seeking destinations that uphold sustainable environmental and community values, and hotels, resorts, tour companies and the like are doing their best to create programs and keep up with societies’ demands.

No longer is it acceptable for tourism companies to exploit beautiful destinations or their populace for profit. If a hotel, resort, tour operator, tour company, etc. is not doing its best to work in harmony with nature and the communities where they operate, it won’t be popular or successful for long.

Sunsets from Portasol are stunning overlooking Costa Rica's Central Pacific coastPortasol is a sustainable community in the Central Pacific coastal area of Costa Rica, near Manuel Antonio and Dominical, which is firmly committed to its environmental and social responsibilities. The award-winning tourism business offers impressive properties in the rainforest with ocean views, unique vacation rental options, property management and other services.

Costa Rica in recent years has become synonymous with eco-travel. Costa Rica’s tourism industry has extensively developed sustainable tourism practices across all aspects of the travel and tourism business. Travelers to Costa Rica more often than not choose their travel agency, tour operator, transport company, hotel and tour activities based on that company’s reputation and commitment to protecting nature and supporting the local community.

Portasol is located at the top of Portalon Valley in Costa RicaLocated on the top of lush, tropical Portalón Valley, amid pristine rainforest and river basins, Portasol advocates a Corporate Social Responsibility policy based on three major points: Environmental and Conservation, Human Development, and Small Business Development. The dynamic project originally focused on selling rainforest and ocean-view properties of 2 to 12 acres, and has grown to offer Portasol Bungalows and vacation rentals as an alternative lodging option, sustainable-living house design and construction, eco-adventure activities, and health and relaxation services in the Portasol Laburnum Spa.

Portasol private reserve protects wildlife like these toucansPortasol affirms its Human Development commitment to the nearby community of Portalón by encouraging local social planning and supporting initiatives that improve residents’ quality of life. Under their Small Business Development promise, Portasol offers support in business formation, business advice, initial financing and forming commercial alliances. Their Environmental Conservation practices focus on protecting and preserving the surrounding environment in all ways, and teaching environmental conservation to the nearby communities – especially with schoolchildren.

The unique, multicultural community aims to adhere to and develop strict environmental, urban, financial and architectural norms. By creating a private biological reserve on the property, Portasol owners and property managers look to create a unique place providing comfort and innovative services to residents and guests with vanguard tropical architecture and harmony with surrounding nature and wildlife.

Portasol  - Casa Monos Locos vacation rental near Manuel Antonio, Costa RicaLocated only 20 minutes from the world-famous Manuel Antonio National Park and beaches, Portasol is a fantastic vacation home rental option for visitors to the area. Three spectacular vacation homes are available for rent, along with bungalows built on high stilts that simulate tree houses with decorative wrap-around verandas. Enjoy private trails through the jungle to rivers and waterfalls with natural pools.


By Shannon Farley

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