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Costa Rican Cooking

Costa Rican Cooking

  In Costa Rica, gastronomy is an inheritance, and the result of the mixing of many races. Authentic Costa Rican food is made on wooden stoves and served on plantain leaves. Costa Rica is a country that stands out for its multicultural wealth, and although its population is a legacy of the mixing of races...
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Costa Rica public transportation

Costa Rica Public Transportation

Costa Rica Public Transportation – Bus Schedules and driving times Mostly, Costa Rica public transportation system works really well from San Jose to all destinations. If you are planning to travel Costa Rica by public buses here you will find the main routes from San Jose city. Also, please take note of safety tips we...
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The Sloths in Monteverde Costa Rica

Monteverde Costa Rica, a natural spot

Montevere Cloud Forest has long been a destination chosen by the thousands, the initiatives by the government to boost tourism; it is now attracting a wider range of travelers than ever before. While there may be many reasons for choosing the Costa Rica – from sampling its spa resorts to getting involved in local sustainability...
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Art, Sun and Fun! San Jose

Sunny days and a perfect temperature is the correct match to enjoy the summer time in San Jose-Costa Rica. The capital city is full of things to do! Mainly during the weekends! Hosted by the Municipality of San Jose, the 2011 Transiarte Festival (March 12 and March 13) was a collage of art expressions in...
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