April 2013

Educational programs focus on Costa Rica biodiversity

Summer school breaks are coming up for North America and Europe, and with that the opportunity for student groups to enjoy educational trips. The Neotropical rainforest of Costa Rica in Central America, part of one of the most important reserves of biodiversity on Earth, is fertile ground for study disciplines such as Ecology, Biology, Environmental...
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Costa Rica celebrates its culture with many festivals

Costa Rica culture shines all year in festivals

One thing about Costa Rica is the country loves a good party! Costa Ricans are known for being gregarious and fun-loving and their enthusiasm is contagious when the country celebrates its numerous fiestas, festivals and horse parades. Plan your travel to Costa Rica during these cultural events and experience first-hand the country’s rich local traditions,...
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¿Qué es un país exitoso?

Esta ha sido una interrogante a la que se le han dedicado muchas horas de estudio. Tanto profesionales de las Ciencias Sociales como los entendidos de la Economía han deliberado al respecto. Cabe recordar que hace más de siglo y medio el británico Adam Smith intentó darle respuesta al asunto con su obra «La Riqueza...
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The Pacuare River in Costa Rica is one of the best rafting trips in the world

Wet & Wild Whitewater Rafting Adventure Tours in Costa Rica

The onset of Costa Rica’s “green season” means it is whitewater rafting time! Rainwater flows into Costa Rica’s tropical rivers this time of year, making the rapids bigger and more exciting. What could be more fun than splashing down a warm-water tropical river on a hydro-powered rollercoaster? Costa Rica is one of the world’s top...
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Piragüismo: unas breves anotaciones históricas

El piragüismo o canotaje es un deporte acuático que se practica sobre una embarcación ligera. Por norma general, la canoa se fabrica en diversos materiales: fibra de vidrio o plástico (para los aficionados); y fibras de kevlar o de carbono (para los profesionales). Para impulsarse se emplean remos empujados por una, dos o cuatro personas....
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Jungle LIving at Portasol - Casa Mono Loco vacation rental, Costa Rica

Jungle living – Portasol, Costa Rica

Melodious bubbling of the river below combines with the metallic “clink” of Common Tink Frogs and the hum of crickets to lull me to sleep. My soft, cushy bed in my modern, comfortable bungalow is just steps from the wild Costa Rican rainforest. I make out the dark outline of large vine-covered trees out the...
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Destination weddings in Costa Rica are an exciting alternative

Top 10 Destination Wedding planning tips

Trending in recent years among brides and grooms is leaving behind the traditional, large, 250-person, fancy church, banquet hall wedding in favor of a fun, exotic destination wedding that adds the adventure of a sunny honeymoon vacation. Couples choose to go out-of-town for many reasons, including basic economics. You would think that staging a wedding...
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Del Mar Surf Camp family surf vacations in Costa Rica are lots of fun

Try a Family Surf Vacation for Unique Summer Fun!

Summer break, for all of those in the north, is nearly here. This year, do something really unique and different for your family vacation! Go on a family surfing vacation in warm, tropical Costa Rica. Really get away from your daily routine of life, have fun on an adventure, experience new places, make new friends,...
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Enjoy a fun ATV tour at Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica with Team CRT

ATV Tours Mix Fun and Adventure in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s greatly varied terrain, from beaches to jungle to rugged mountains, makes for a fun playground for ATV tours. Officially known as All-Terrain Vehicles, or “Quads” in North America and “Quad Bikes” in England and Australia, ATVs can be an exciting way to access Costa Rica’s beautiful landscapes where other vehicles can’t travel. You...
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Tropical architecture at Hotel Tropico Latino in Costa Rica

Tropical Architecture in Costa Rica

Besides amazing looks, tropical architecture is all about working with the elements of nature to achieve thermal comfort in hot and humid climates. Tropical architecture, whether traditional, ultramodern or high-tech, uses passive design elements like sunshades, cavity walls, light shelves, overhangs, roof and wall insulation, and shading from large trees to block the intense tropical...
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