March 2012
Cabo Blanco at the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula

Cabo Blanco – hidden gem of national parks

Exploring the little-known gems of Costa Rica’s national parks and reserves leads me to the very tip of Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula, to Cabo Blanco. Officially named the Cabo Blanco Absolute Natural Reserve, this small park is spectacularly picturesque with tropical forest, pure white-sand beaches, warm aquamarine sea, waterfalls and rivers and hundreds of natural...
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Del Mar Surf Camp instructors make your Costa Rica surf vacation first-class

Day Surf Camp inspires teens & kids

Coming to Costa Rica on vacation and always wanted to try surfing? Live in Costa Rica and want to see what’s up with the surfing craze? Or tried it, love it and want to get better? Del Mar Surfing Academy has your solution! Day Surf Camps for kids and teens run from June through September...
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Say "I Do" in Costa Rica

A crimson sun slowly dips into the violet-blue sea. Streamers of pink and orange streak across the wide, deepening blue sky. Coconut palms bow lightly in the breeze. You and your beloved are there on the soft sand promising your love and commitment, exchanging rings and kisses. Sound like your dream wedding? It easily can...
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South Korean artists are featured performers

International arts festival lights up San Jose

Giant puppet horses, giraffes on stilts, reggaeton superstars, Korean musicians and dancers, British rock legends and a host of other artists, musicians, dancers and actors will enliven San Jose . Costa Rica’s capital city transforms this week into a giant stage, playing host to more than 2,000 artists from 28 countries in the 13th annual...
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Getting around Costa Rica

Getting around Costa Rica

You’ve got your flight to Costa Rica booked, your hotel reservations or tour itinerary set. Now what about getting around? There are many choices, from in-country flights to renting a car, hopping a local bus or hiring a private shuttle or tour bus complete with bilingual driver. It all depends on how fast you want...
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Active surf vacations with Del Mar Surf Camp

Surf + yoga vacations refresh your life

Break out of your vacation routine! Recharge your life and do your mind, body and soul good on an active surfing and yoga vacation in Costa Rica! Active vacations, whether full-on adventure tours or more moderately-paced walking tours or yoga retreats, have become the number one choice around the world for how people spend their...
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Costa Rica

What to know to travel to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica. You’ve probably heard of it. The tiny Central American country is big in tourism news. You may even know someone who’s been there. When you hear the name, you probably think of beautiful tropical beaches, rainforest, surfing, volcanoes, hot and steamy jungle. But what’s important to know so you can plan a visit?...
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